Driving home a fashion choice

Are you really what you drive?

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, UnionvilleTimes.com

Does the car you drive reflect your sense of style?

One could make an argument for it, certainly.  But, truth be told, I’m not that much of a car fanatic.

You know how some people are extremely knowledgeable about what brand/make/model is the “best?”  (Exhibit A: my brother-in-law)

I’m  NOT one of those people.

Are you surprised?

I can see that. Because, I am a self-proclaimed label addict (was going to insert a more colorful term, but, keepin’ it PG, people).

You need to understand that I have driven a multitude of unsophisticated (bordering on the embarrassing) vehicles over the years.  I, just recently, abandoned my big (dirt-infested) minivan of 12 years for a “vintage”-ish Mercedes that I’ve named “Margo.”

Seems Margo has a mind of her own, in that early Friday morning (at my 6am Spin class), she decided to refuse to let me close the trunk:

Yes, that’s a bungee holding things together.  Hot, I know.

A few hours and THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of needed repairs later, the nice man at the Mercedes Dealership was kind enough to loan me a car for the weekend.



Option A:










Yeah, I may not be a car aficionado, but, I’m sure as hell NOT driving that out of here.

Option B:










I feel SO awesome in this car…BUT, there is one little, tiny glitch in the awesomeness…







This is on the back window of the car.  And, it’s stuck on there REAL good.  Trust me.  It may as well have a bumper sticker on it that says, “this is NOT my car”.

Wah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I know that people judge others for the type of vehicle they drive.  So, what does your car say about you?

MINE says that it’s as high maintenance and expensive as I am.  And, that it may or may not want to cooperate nicely.  And, that is clearly needs “work” to try to stay young.  LOTS of work.

My children are THRILLED with this rental and (particularly) my older son would like to have this as an option when he turns 16.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  (Again with the bent-over kind of hysterics)

This, my friends, will NEVER happen.

I think that it is character building to drive a less than optimal car when you are young….otherwise, what do you have to look forward to?

Plus, if my boys parallel park anything like their mother, an expensive vehicle is not a good first choice.

I get to drive the sleek, black, panther-like 2012 until Monday or Tuesday at which point Margo should be finished with her repairs and this Cinderella-like carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

Until then, judge me for my car.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. Just one more opportunity for character building !

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