Avondale announces planned water outage on April 22

Avondale Borough announces a planned water outage scheduled for Monday, April 22. The outage is necessary for the installation of a bypass valve in the reservoir. The Borough aims to minimize inconvenience and ensure the outage is as brief as possible, with an anticipated duration of approximately 4 hours.

Below are some tips to help residents during the outage:

  1. Stay Informed: Regularly check the Avondale Borough website at Avondaleboro.net for updates and announcements regarding the outage.
  2. Store Water: Prior to the outage, fill containers such as jugs, buckets, and bathtubs with water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes.
  3. Conserve Existing Water: Use your existing water supply wisely, and consider reusing water where possible, such as collecting used water from rinsing fruits and vegetables to water plants.
  4. Plan Ahead: Make alternative arrangements for water access, such as staying with friends or family who have access to water, or stocking up on bottled water if the outage is expected to last longer.
  5. Maintain Hygiene: Practice good hygiene by using hand sanitizer and wet wipes when washing with water is not possible.
  6. Protect Plumbing: When water is restored, gradually open faucets to prevent bursts or leaks in the plumbing system due to sudden pressure changes. Let the water run until it runs clear. Additionally, clean any filters or screens before using the water.
  7. Report Issues: If you encounter any problems related to the water outage, such as leaks or unusual odors when the water is restored, please report them to the Borough office at 610-268-8501.
  8. Stay Calm: While water outages can be inconvenient, remaining calm and patient will help both individuals and the community navigate through the situation more effectively.

Avondale Borough appreciates the understanding and cooperation of residents during this planned water outage. For further information or inquiries, please contact the Avondale Borough Office at 610-268-8501 or email administrator@avondaleboro.net

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