Celebrating five years in this space


While the look has evolved — as seen in Kelly’s column shots dating back to her first Times’ column in 2011 — Read My Lips continues to entertain, explain and brighten the Sundays of Times’ readers.

‘Read My Lipgloss’ column hits landmark 

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

“Read My Lipgloss” turns 5 this month and I’m feeling sentimental. I sat down last night and re­read a bunch of my articles. To be honest, some made me cringe, others made me cry; however , the vast majority made me smile.

I never aspired to be a columnist; but, I have to say that having the ability to put your thoughts and feelings out into the world is pretty cool. The fact that some people, NOT just my family and friends, actually read it (shocks me every. single. time. that  I have an audience of more than ten), is thrilling!

This column has become a scrapbook, of sorts. How lucky am I that I have a written recording of some amazing opportunities (like interviewing Preston Konrad of TLC, or going to a runway show for NY’s Fashion Week), trips abroad (Italy, London, and Paris), and the passage of time across my face as evidenced by my headshot (wah waah). OK, so maybe not that last one.

I must confess that, at times, my little, old, tired, and crowded brain struggles to come up with content week after week after week. I especially enjoy when my loved ones point out to me when I have posted a particularly lame essay or am chock full of “you know what.” Cut a girl a break, people! I never professed to be Dear Abby or Anna Wintour.

I thank all of you for reading from the bottom of my heart. I really, really enjoy the opportunity to tell anyone (who will listen) what I think and feel when it comes to fashion.

In closing, I think it is only fair to provide a montage of the evolution of “Read My Lipgloss” pictures and beg my Editor to consider a gift certificate for Botox. After five years, it’s the perfect birthday present…

Happy Weekend (see below)

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