Thinning the fashion herd

Time to move on from fashion items that just collect dust

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

KellyColumn415Newest815I have a confession to make. Right now, my closet is full of clothes, my shoe rack is overflowing, and my jewelry box is piled high with accessories…but, I wear the same key pieces over and over again. It begs the question “why keep what I’m not wearing?” And, while it is a really good question, I haven’t been able to come up with a worthwhile answer. Bad habit, I guess?

I suppose that I can compare my fashion behavior to my weekly, food shopping excursion to Trader Joe’s. Every time I enter that store, I have the urge to try a bunch of new items. I realize that this is not necessarily a bad thing, per se. It is fun to experiment and discover new “must haves.”

However, I always seem to go back to my tried ­and ­true list. I love knowing that, with my staple bunch of ingredients, I can whip up a meal that tastes good. The same can be said for my choices when it comes to my wardrobe. There is a comfort in relying on the pieces that you know are good quality, fit well, and are flattering.

With Christmas around the corner (what is it, a month away at this point?!? Aaaaah!) it makes me reconsider my holiday wishlist. I really don’t need a bunch of new things (but, don’t tell my husband just yet…I need more time to let this idea marinate before I’m ready to share. He will OBVIOUSLY be 100% behind it.) What I should do is to whittle down what I already have and then take inventory of the things that may be missing. Otherwise, I have a tendency to simply add more which ends up creating a jumbled, chaotic mess in my closet.

Whenever I attempt to purge, I found myself saying things like “maybe I will wear this someday”…except the “someday” never seems to happen. I am determined to make some changes this year. I am dedicating a weekend to this task and will keep you updated on my progress…without this article to keep me honest, I highly doubt that I would be successful. Anyone else on board? Do you have a pile of stuff that never sees the light of day? What are your essential pieces that you reach for time and time again?

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Happy Weekend

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