That 70s look: sign me up

At least when it comes to fashion jeans, the 1970s are coming back

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

KellyColumn415Newest815The seventies called and they want you to wear their jeans again. I’m serious! And, if you aren’t old enough to appreciate this trend coming back around, well….good for you.

Denim, high­waisted flares are ALL THE RAGE. Pick up any fashion magazine while you are waiting in line at the Giant and tell me if I’m wrong. But, I won’t be. This look is h­o­t. In fact, I was just in No.109 Shop, on State Street in Kennett, trying on a pair in my favorite brand, Mother Denim. No, they are NOT Mom jeans. Don’t you dare think that about me! They are perfection and let me tell you why: the high waist holds everything in, the flare balances out the leg to create a slimmer line (all good, ladies) and the new cut is a refreshing departure from the same old skinny jeans. I am ob­sessed.

Seventies StyleWith the exception of the frayed, ankle version, these jeans should be a touch longer in length than you would normally wear. The style demands a higher heel (doesn’t matter if it’s a wedge, platform, or stiletto) and the hem of the pant should almost graze the floor.

Now, what to pair with it? The sky’s the limit! The easiest idea is a simple t­shirt and blazer. If you are feeling self­conscious about the length of the zipper, try a light weight sweater with just

the very front of it half­tucked into the waistband. And, don’t be afraid to dress up these jeans for a night on the town. I love them paired with a silky blouse, layered necklaces and a fur vest (think Kate Hudson in the movie “Almost Famous”).

Try it. I think you’ll dig it, girl…. Happy Weekend

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