Just do it: vote

VoteTomorrow is Election Day.

That should matter to you — but alarmingly, for a lot of you, maybe even a majority of the people reading this, it doesn’t.

Consider these horrifying numbers: only about 75% of eligible voters are actually registered to vote. Of those, it is expected that only about 45% of those will cast ballots tomorrow in Pennsylvania. That means roughly one third of those eligible to vote will decide who our next governor is, who sits in the state legislature and who goes to Congress.

Stop and think about that for a second: two thirds of potential voters will likely sit out tomorrow’s election.

If you hate government and politics and are so fed up you refuse to vote, it’s you who are the problem. You see, the big-money special interest groups — left and right — don’t want you to vote. Because if you vote, the politicians might just have to pay attention to you, not their big, fat campaign donations. When you don’t show up and cast a ballot, you give more and more power to those special interests.

And by not voting, you cast a ballot for the status quo, which let’s be honest — is a mess, and a mess created by both Republicans and Democrats who think you aren’t paying attention.

Vote for change. Vote for the same. Vote for your incumbent or the challenger. But vote.

As Alexis de Tocqueville once famously wrote, “we get the government we deserve.”

When we don’t pay attention and we don’t vote — well, we get this mess. We get dysfunction. We get posturing. We get media stunts. We government dominated by a few shrill voices more interested in career advancement than solving problems.

What we don’t get are folks willing to roll up their sleeves and get down to work — hard work — of making government work again.

We’ve made our opinions clear on those we think worthy of support — but we’ll assume you’re able to draw your own conclusions and pick candidates who largely represent your point of views. Go vote for them. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Almost anyone who wants to vote — assuming they’re registered — can find the time to do so.

Just do it.

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