Letter: Vote — America’s soul is on the ballot

To the Editor,

This is no ordinary election.

It’s about more than candidates, policies and political parties.

On November 6th:

  • Decency is on the ballot.
  • Respect is on the ballot.
  • Truth is on the ballot
  • Democracy is on the ballot.
  • America’s soul is on the ballot.

The President is waging war on the free press–a cornerstone of our Democracy–and declares the only Truth to be what he says it is.

He denies, ignores and ridicules the pain of victims of sexual assault.

He has launched an assault on our Constitutional rights to assembly and free speech by calling for restrictions on peaceful protest.

He has demonized peaceful demonstrators exercising those rights by calling them ‘an angry mob’ and America’s enemies.

But the threat runs far deeper than this President.

Not one single Republican office holder or candidate in Pennsylvania has stood up to defend America against this onslaught. Their silence is deafening and tells you everything you need to know about them and their lack of integrity and patriotism.

The election in 3 weeks is our last best chance to save our way of life and protect our uniquely American ideals and values.

If you believe in America and all for which she stands, then we invite you to join with us on November 6th to vote as one indivisible nation that truly believes in liberty and justice for all.

We ask you to vote like the soul of America depends on it…because it does.


Wayne Braffman, Chair

Kennett Area Democrats

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