Editorial: No excuse not to vote this Tuesday

This coming Tuesday, you may note some schools are closed and some local, state and federal offices are closed.

There’s a heck of a good reason: it’s Election Day.

But it’s an Election Day too many people sit out — for too many reasons, most of which really don’t hold water.

Tuesday’s elections will shape your local municipal government, your local board of education and county government, three entities that collect real estate tax (and in some cases, income tax). By not voting in these “small” races, you give up a say in the issues that most immediately impact you and your family.

Another thought: Tuesday’s election is the one where your vote will count the most. No matter how much we might beg and plead, Tuesday’s voter totals will be no where near as high as those from last year’s presidential election. With less voters, each voter has more power — skipping Election Day means missing that opportunity.

One more thought: whether you are pleased with how things are going or deeply dismayed, voting is the single best way to show your feelings about the state of things in our country. Staying home says nothing, while voting speaks volumes. Rest assured: people will be watching how a bellwether such as Chester County votes; the results could immediately impact how elected officials at the state and federal levels react.

Lastly, there has been so much discussion about disrespecting the flag and our military. What could be more disrespectful than failing to exercise your franchise, a privilege so many died to defend from Bunker Hill to Omaha Beach?

So many have sacrificed so much to allow you the simple step of using the ballot box.

Don’t let them down.


Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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