The power of red…lipstick

By going bold, you send a strong message

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

UTKellyColumn copyThe other day, I found an article on the Facebook page of Houppette (my favorite cosmetic boutique that I have written about many times) about the power of a good, red lipstick.

The author, from the blog Hello Giggles (, wrote about her friend’s challenge of wearing red lipstick every day for a week. What at first was a daunting prospect, turned into an instant mood lifter and good luck charm.

The story had an instant and visceral impact. It transported me back to my teenage years and the sage advice of my grandmother: “honey, you could use a little more lipstick and blush”.  And, I’m sure she was right every time. (Miss you, Mom-Mom)

86d65ed263ac039c87babd130fb3ca26I love the transformative power of make-up. I do not feel complete without it.  But, before you roll your eyes and think of me as high maintenance and shallow, hear me out. There is not a woman alive (I’m even looking at you, Gisele) whose beauty is not enhanced by a few swipes of mascara and a glimmer of gloss. NO ONE. I understand that the idea of rocking a cherry red pout to the busstop at 8:20am may solicit a few raised eyebrows but, I think this challenge is a good one!

You have to admit, if you know that you must wear a bold colored lip, chances are you will not resort to that ratty sweatshirt and those faded yoga pants. No more hiding behind the bland, anonymity of the Mommy Uniform.

Red is not your color? Try hot pink or the always chic, bright orange. The point is to take five minutes of your morning and put a face out into the world that says that you want to be noticed!

Who’s with me?

Happy Weekend!

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