Letter: Objects to writer’s published comments

To The Editor,

Letters1I am reaching out once again as my initial letter was never published. I was very disappointed when I read an article regarding the stalking cases surrounding Lisa Robertson a host on QVC.  An executive with this company, Kathy Brady Shea clearly stated that it was Miss Robertson’s fault that these guys were stalking her and perhaps it was her wardrobe to blame. Ms. Shea seemed astounded that QVC was taking strong legal action to protect their employee.

DailyMail article:

“Chester County Times managing editor Kathy Brady Shea has covered many of the court hearings and told Mail Online: ‘All of these cases involved sad, lonely, alienated men with apparent mental health issues.  I was taken aback by QVC’s outrage. Yes, Lisa Robertson is a victim and some of these folks are scary but her show is a magnate for these guys. ‘She’s on late at night, she comes across as provocative with a come-hither attitude. She’s perky, coiffed, manicured and heavily made up.”

I’m sorry, we have come a long way from blaming the victim and turning a blind eye to men, who according Ms. Shea, cannot help themselves. I am outraged and astounded that you would condone this sort of behavior. It is apparent that the Chester County Times  would rather become the news than cover the news. Ms. Shea has crossed the line in my opinion. If  I do not see my letter in print in a timely manner, I will have to reach out to your advertisers and make them aware of the type of publication you have become.

Marianna Duvall

Former Reader


Note From The Publisher: “Ms. Shea’s comments do not reflect the opinion of either myself or The Times. While she maintains that the comments were ‘off the record’ and taken out of context, I have not been able to confirm that account with the reporter from The Daily Mail. Regardless of that, as she did not deny making those statements, I don’t feel those sentiments are in keeping with either our editorial or corporate ethos. Because of this and other creative and editorial issues, Ms. Shea no longer has an operational role in The Times.”

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  1. Kristin Hoover says:

    I have known Kathleen Brady-Shea for years and believe that there is a whole lot more to this story. I support Kathy.

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