Staging your house to sell

Editor’s Note: pinch-hitting in this week’s Real Estate column is Katherine Kosciewicz, owner of Brandywine Staging, to discuss how to set your home up for viewing by potential buyers.

By Katherine Kosciewicz, Special to The Times

Light and bright sells, experts say.

Home staging helps houses sell for the highest price in the shortest time. Staging is all about preparing a home for sale by improving its appeal to the most potential buyers possible! Staged homes sell over 8o% faster than those homes that are not staged.

Statistics show that 90% of buyers today begin their search on the internet when house hunting. This means pictures matter more than ever when it comes to marketing your property! Here are a few tips to consider when getting your house ready for sale:

Look at the house from the curb – Do the shrubs need pruning? Could mulch help create a more appealing landscape? Does the house need some touch up paint? Don’t forget the light fixtures – are they worn? Do they need replacing or simply cleaned up? Consider adding a new welcome mat for buyers!

Entry – Is the house welcoming and inviting? Is there room for an entry table and light to create warmth when buyers enter the house? Buyers often make their decision within 15 seconds of entering a house so the entry is a very important room to consider when staging.

First Impression Rooms – Often the first rooms buyers see are the living room and perhaps the dining areas. Ensure the rooms are de-cluttered. In most cases, less is more! Often pieces of furniture need to be removed and stored or re-purposed. The objective is to ensure buyers see the wonderful features of the house (fireplace, hardwood flooring, etc.). Remove personal items such as photos. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the house, so seeing pictures of the homeowners on the walls will detract from this goal. Keep paint colors neutral. Some favorites can be explored with a Professional Home Stager.

Light and Bright – All windows should sparkle! Buyers like light and bright! Each room should have at least three sources of light. Also consider removing window screens to allow more light to enter the home. Another consideration is to remove any heavy drapes.
Most professional home stagers will have a service to meet almost every budget. Services may include one hour consultations, furniture rearranging, or as much as using additional furniture and accessories. A Professional Home Stager will provide a number of services for you to consider!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact Brandywine Staging at or (610) 742-7130.

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