So, what’s wrong with a holiday wish list?

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A girl can dream, right? Even as her husband shudders

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

Do you remember as a kid when the huge JCPenney catalog would come in the mail right before Christmas?

I can vividly recall meticulously paging through circling all of my “most wanted” toys to show to my parents.

My kids would do the same thing with the Toys R Us flyers.  I would find pictures ripped out and placed, ever so gently, on my pillow.  Now, they just prefer cold, hard cash (and violent video games)….sigh.

Some things never change, though.  This came in the mail yesterday:


*it’s the Nordstrom “everday luxuries” edition.  Be still my heart.

My husband is super psyched, as you can imagine.

Each page is more glorious than the next.  Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Valentino and Manolo Blahnik.  Santa? Can you hear me?

Let’s look at these images together, shall we?






Just a little slice of designer heaven.

The fashionista in me salivates at the thought of one of these beauties wrapped in shiny metallic paper complete with a big red bow under the tree on Christmas morning.

The cold harsh reality is that receiving a $2,000 handbag with two looming college tuitions is unlikely come December 25th.

Why must maturity come at such a price?  Isn’t there room for compromise?

Like this Tory Burch purse (shown in Peruvian opal but also available in black or Parisian blue…could you just D-I-E?)

You will find this gem on page 67 of the catalog if you are following along (or if you are looking for a present to buy for me).

The caption reads “sometimes subtle fits you to a T” Get it?  “T” for Tory Burch?  Tres clever.

And, it’s ONLY $550!  (Hubby just choked on his coffee…not getting a positive vibe here)

What is on YOUR Christmas Wish List this season?  (besides world peace, obviously)

Let me know in the Comment section below!

Happy 60 degree Weekend!



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