Op/Ed: Howard asks voters for support

By Roger Howard, Candidate, State Senate, 9th District

To the voters of the 9th district:

Roger Howard

On April 24th the Republican voters of the 9th district have a choice in the Republican Primary for State Senate for the first time in at least a decade.  Are the people satisfied with how Harrisburg works to put special interest and big money donors first, before the taxpayers?  My supporters and I have knocked on thousands of doors, and we hear that most of the citizens of the 9th District are not satisfied with business as usual in Harrisburg, and particularly with the Senate leadership.  It is time to vote, to change the incumbent leadership that did not respond to the taxpayers voice in the 2010 election.

Our founding documents state that We the People must give our consent to be governed, and the voters of the 9th District want a Senator who will represent their core values of limited government, limited spending and personal responsibility.  They have grown weary of a ‘Senate Boss’ who represents lobbyists and the entrenched establishment of Harrisburg.  They want to give their consent to a candidate who will work to stop our State from borrowing money to give to politically favored projects, companies and unions who, in turn, contribute to the political campaign funds of those Senators who favor them. Taxpayers want to end the crony capitalism handouts of the $4B Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program that shackle their children and grandchildren with debt.  The voters want a Senator who will work to reform the property tax code and insist on a referendum for any increase in taxes.  The voters want to give their consent to a candidate who will vote to balance budgets without borrowing and to end monetary favors to big campaign contributors.

My opponent voted in the middle of the night for a pay raise.  He was truly Rendell’s Republican and approved seven of Rendell’s bloated budgets.  This ‘Senate Boss’ has received over $500,000.00 from trial lawyers and millions from liberal interest groups.  It is easy to see that the ‘Senate Boss’ is beholden to his major campaign contributors because he has failed to bring the Open Workforce Initiative  reforms to the Senate floor that would make all of Pennsylvania attractive to businesses who bring with them jobs and economic opportunity for us and for future generations.

You have a choice on April 24th.  You can consent to be governed by a Senate Boss who will continue with business as usual.  Or, you can consent to be governed by your neighbor, and citizen candidate, Roger Howard, who will faithfully represent your conservative principles and values in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Roger Howard is a Republican candidate for state Senate from East Marlborough.

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