Howard gets on ballot to challenge Pileggi

Unionville man doubles number of signatures needed to force GOP state Senate primary

Roger Howard

EAST MARLBOROUGH — Roger Howard, State Senate Candidate in the 9th District, submitted twice the required signatures on nominating petitions to run for the office.

This week, Howard submitted more than twice the required number of signed petitions of support for his candidacy.  Despite confusion as to the real outlines of the 9th District, due to redistricting challenges, Howard was able to secure a surplus of signatures.

“I am proud of our volunteers,” Howard said, “who went door to door to make the case for changing business as usual in Harrisburg.”  Howard’s campaign is supported by a diverse group of volunteers from all over the 9th District.  Campaign volunteers include stay at home Moms, military veterans and professionals who are bringing their time and talents to support this candidate.

“I look forward to bringing my ideas to the people.  This is just the beginning of challenging the status quo and energizing people to become informed and involved,”  Howard said.

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  1. Foster Giles says:

    IS roger Howard a part of this tea party? If he is I could never vote for a person that is a part of that group. they are ruining the republican party and I have been a lifelong republican. i will proudly vote for the candidate that is not tea party.

  2. Bill says:

    It is great that Republican voters will have a choice on April 24. They can vote for the status quo that protects special interests or vote for a citizen that will represent us.

  3. Ray Farrell says:

    I signed the petition for Roger after speaking with him in person and then visiting his campaign website.

    His knowledge of the issues and pending legislation in Harrisburg was impressive, especially on debt and jobs creation.

    Roger said he will do all he can to stop the generational theft and indebtedness being perpetrated against our children and grand-children.

    He said he will support “open workforce initiatives” that will attract business, create jobs, and grow the economy in Pennsylvania.

    Ray Farrell
    Pocopson, PA

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