Letter: Sappey is the best choice for the 158th District

To The Editor,

I’ve been a registered Republican for 75 years, and I’ve known and respected Leon Spencer for at least 20 years. And yet I am strongly supporting Christina Sappey for State Representative for the 158th District.

Firstly, Christina has done an excellent job for us. She is moderate, hardworking, and always tries to work in a bi-partisan fashion. I am disappointed that Leon’s campaign website would seek to portray her otherwise. A simple examination of the facts gives a more honest story. Christina is endorsed by the Chester County Chamber of Commerce and the Chester County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #11.

Secondly, Christina’s office is always available to promptly address constituents’ service requests. She has tirelessly worked with PennDot on the bridge repair on Route 162 which will begin before the end of 2022.

Finally, Christina Sappey supports keeping the government out of decisions between a woman and her doctor. At this time the radical wing of the Republican party would like to make abortion illegal under all circumstances. These circumstances include rape, incest and the life of the mother. Mr. Spencer does not even address this issue on his campaign website which calls into question why he is ducking this important issue.

Mr. Spencer’s website would have us believe that his views are moderate. Yet the only prominent endorsement listed on his website is Eric Roe and there is certainly no mention of his position on women’s reproductive freedom. Eric Roe is no moderate; he is straight from the radical right wing of the Republican party.

I hope my friendship with Mr Spencer survives, but Christina Sappey is clearly the proven better candidate for these times.

Marilyn G. Forney


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  1. 158 Voter says:

    One more thing, Daniel, and then I’ll leave this conversation. The Unionville Times gave each candidate (both parties) a chance to answer their questionnaire, which does include abortion rights among many other topics. Thus far they’ve been able to publish informative answers from Democratic candidates (Rep. Sappey included). Will Mr. Spencer answer this questionnaire? Will any Republicans? I bet not, because the problem extends far beyond Mr. Spencer. NONE of the Republicans want to be pinned down on an issue stance. It is intentional.

  2. 158 Voter says:

    Dear Daniel,

    In response:

    1) While I and many, many other voters care deeply about women’s reproductive rights, which Mr. Spencer refuses to speak about despite being asked many times, it is not the only important issue. Voting rights and the continued assault on our democracy due to election deniers (like the top of the R ticket, Dough Mastriano)? Leon hasn’t commented. Protections for the LGBTQ community? Leon hasn’t commented. Again, I cannot see how this promotes unity. Unity isn’t sticking your head in the sand and pretending these issues don’t exist. That’s what Leon has done.

    2) You contend Mr. Spencer’s main goal is to promote unity and bring those of all parties together. Hard to swallow considering that. in one. month, I received at least FIVE negative mailers from his campaign. Leon cannot claim to be above partisan politics while simultaneously running one of the most negative campaigns I’ve ever seen.

    3) Mr. Spencer has utilized more than one campaign surrogate who have headlined fundraisers for him that are not independent or unifying. Eric Roe is one of the most extreme anti-choice reps we’ve ever had and had Doug Mastriano at HIS event in 2020. Eric’s name is on just about everything Leon posts on FB. Leon also had MARTINA WHITE headline a recent event on his behalf. Martina is perhaps best known for her very public railing against transgender youth in sports and has voted for every piece of anti-reproductive rights piece of legislation to come before the House. None of that would be relevant, really, if Mr. Spencer would speak for himself and answer questions about these issues, but he intentionally failed to take a position on those issues and others and then CHOOSES TO HAVE THESE PEOPLE PUBLICLY SUPPORT HIM. What should the voters make of that? I for one have concluded that Mr. Spencer shares these positions but won’t say, because PA 158 is purple and these are not “purple people” on these issues. If I’m wrong, Leon is free to speak up. But I’m betting he won’t.

    Unity is great. I’m sure Mr. Spencer is nice. But our reps go to Harrisburg to vote on legislation. That’s the job. They vote on abortion. They vote on gun control. They vote on vote-by-mail, they vote on bills involving LGBTQ rights. They vote on funding for education, conservation, small businesses and a myriad other issues. How will Mr. Spencer vote? He won’t tell us. That’s not unity. That’s a lie of omission. And I’m not sure how he intends to form a coalition while signaling through his intentional silence on issues important to voters that he doesn’t care about their concerns.

  3. Daniel Murphy says:

    This is a reply to 158th Voter- Are you voting primarily on where candidates stand on abortion or anything else? Leon is a public servant willing to dedicate all of his time to the residents of this district, and I think his previous public service will show during his tenure as your state representative. Also, I think it’s pretty sad that the only attack I’ve heard against Leon is whether or NOT he is pro-life(pure speculation). It just goes to show how good of a candidate he is to serve us and how despite today’s republican party going off the rails, there are still good republicans out there. Leon wants to unite Democrats, Republicans, and, most importantly, us independents who hate the partisanship plaguing American politics into one coalition to send him into Harrisburg and fix our broken system.

  4. 158 Voter says:

    The idea that Leon isn’t answering questions on abortion so he can “unite” us” is very illogical. If elected, Mr. Spencer will have to vote on the issue of abortion (repeatedly, if past is prologue). Not letting voters know where he stands is not unifying; it’s denying voters the chance to make an informed decision.

  5. Daniel Murphy says:

    I disagree, let me just say I don’t have anything against Sappey, I think she is a great moderate candidate and I would definitely vote for her against any generic republican, especially in this day in age when most Republicans have gone off the deep end and embraced the “crazies ” However Leon is different, I greatly respect him as a character and person in our local area and church. First, he was the mayor of Kennett Square during a time when Kennett itself was not the bustling tourist attraction it is today. Leon greatly helped Kennett become a tourist attraction and was instrumental in getting businesses into Kennett. I think Leon’s past experience as a Mayor tied directly with his service on the Kennett School board would be a great fit for becoming a State Representative. Second of all, the reason Leon doesn’t mention abortion on his campaign website is that he isn’t trying to divide us but unite us, you see abortion is a very divisive topic on both sides and I fully believe that he wants to try to unite us and not divide us by trying to keep those policy issues separate, see during these divided times we want to come to together, comprise, and advocate for common sense issues, not play partisan politics or “gotcha”! I think Leon is the better advocate and would do what’s best for our area and not in the interest of partisan hacks. I understand your concern and like I said Sappey is a great candiate but Leon takes the cake here. Leon Spencer for State Representative!

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