More Updates: Unionville High School, Your Prom Images, 2011

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We’re featuring shots sent in by readers from those attending the Unionville High School 2011 Prom. We’ll be updating the shots and adding to this as the images of those attending come in. Remember, if you’d like to be featured, send your pictures to

The night was clearly a big success — and now virtually everyone is enjoying a full-filled night at a “Hollywood” themed After-Prom — in a cleverly disguised Unionville High School. Keep sending in your images of the night — and we’ll post them.

Matt Christopher and Kelsey Fortunato.


















Tanner Guin & Megan Kolvenbag

Megan, Tanner, Mackenzie, Jack, Aubrey,Evan, Kelly, Laura, Connor, Sydney, Quinn








Mackenzie, Jack, Evan, Aubrey,Tanner, & Megan



Trace McGinnis and Phoebe Landolt.

















Shane Diven, Katie Wiswall, Alex Hunt and Shaina Pigliacampi

Stephen Bates and Sierra Fortunato

Maddy Ferraro and Max Kelly

Wyatt Koffenberger, Brian Boyle, Connor Dea

Brian Boyle, Cory McCutcheon, and Matt Christopher

Connor Dea and Ally Jenny

Courtney Cersnica, Tyler Bowman, Maddie Bohn, WYatt Koffenberger, KAyla Rasmussen, Brian Boyle, Jackie Viens, Jordan Mizrahi, Casey Cattie, Corey McCutcheon, Kelsey, Matthew, Ally Jenny, Connor Dea

Laura DiPaolo and Jake Quinn

Laura DiPaolo and Bella Gallo

Laura Kelly and Connor McShane

Bethany Siehl and Andrew DeMarco

Claire Werkiser and her date Griffin Norman

Emma Werkiser and her date Dalla Molster

Tyler Adair and Hannah Friel.

Prom pictures taken at the Rafetto's house, 2011. Becca, Colleen, Laura, Nicole, Sarah, Sabrina, Sarah, Lauren, Alyssa, Dana, Erinn, Caitlin, Angelica, Christina, Alyssa, Michelle, Emma, Julia, Chelsea, Alana, Kari

Sammy Smith and her date, Will

Check back for updates!

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