Letter: Times’ endorsement of Barrar is disappointing

To The Editor,

Letters1Your endorsement of Steve Barrar for the 160th State House is disappointing, and your reasoning, bizarre. Ideology out the window! Really, ideology that translates to legislation…and it doesn’t matter because he can do you some personal favors?

Anyone who cares about women’s health, strong public education for all, good transportation infrastructure, and laws that abide the constitution should Vote for Whitney Hoffman, Barrar’s Democratic opponent.

Allow me to outline just how dangerous this representative is.

Barrar co-sponsored the bill that would require any woman seeking an abortion, for any reason, to undergo an invasive, painful, expensive, and medically unnecessary transvaginal ultra-sound. This same Barrar, is the only area representative to vote against the PA Transportation legislation, that would, among other items, bring much needed improvements to the route 322 corridor between Route 1 and I-95. Barrar supports school vouchers which diverts tax dollars away from the public education. He supported voter ID laws which were deemed unconstitutional.

This man, Steve Barrar, does not have sound judgement. He cannot properly represent and be trusted to legislate for us in Chester County or the State of PA.

It is time for PA and Chester County to have rational thinkers and doers representing us.

Whitney Hoffman is the only suitable and intelligent candidate for the 160th House seat.

Carol Catanese


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  1. Joe Duffy says:

    They never see this guy in Delco; not a chance of seeing him anywhere around Chesco!
    He’s just a puppet for Corbett. Pileggi’s errand boy.

  2. Marice Bezdek says:

    Ellen Good, Barrar’s record, especially re transportation, school vouchers, and the right to vote, show him working against the common good of his constituents and the Commonwealth. Furthermore, the anti-abortion measure he supported is extremely disrespectful of and degrading to women. Why would we vote for him? We should disregard all this in order to favor an unformed, only potential human being? You have your priorities wrong.

  3. Ellen Good says:

    Sounds to me like Barrar is the best candidate.

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