Zhang announces run for the 160th District

Sue Ellen Zhang

Sue Ellen Zhang, a dedicated wife and mother of four, today formally announces her candidacy for the position of State Representative in the 160th District. A multifaceted professional with a background in counseling, entrepreneurship, business, and education. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree, Sue Ellen’s research is centered on supporting mothers in the workplace. With roles as a healthcare executive and adjunct professor, she brings a wealth of experience to her candidacy.

“I’m not looking to become a career politician; my goal is to be an advocate for the individuals and communities I serve,” Sue Ellen emphasized. “My journey, evolving from a young parent to a healthcare executive and professor, has shaped my commitment to inclusivity, economic growth, and community resilience.”

Sue Ellen, a Democratic candidate, is committed to advancing women’s rights by championing laws for reproductive rights, eliminating healthcare barriers, and promoting workplace equality. Addressing the pressing issues around elder care, Sue Ellen aims to craft comprehensive legislation that ensures accessible and affordable elder care services, prioritizing caregiver support and enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

As a mental health practitioner, Sue Ellen is dedicated to improving access to quality mental health services, reducing practitioner burnout, eliminating stigma, and integrating mental health education into society at large. Furthermore, she will concentrate on strengthening universities by expanding access to higher education, securing increased funding for public institutions, and advocating for equal opportunities. Sue Ellen’s commitment extends to championing policies for small business growth, fostering an environment where local enterprises thrive and contribute to community development through strategic legislation.

“I believe that our community deserves to be heard, cared for, and supported,” Sue Ellen emphasized. “I am confident that I am the right person to be there for all of you, drawing upon my diverse professional experience to champion policies that promote inclusivity, economic growth, and community resilience.”

Sue Ellen invites the residents of the 160th District to join her in this transformative journey, promising to be a dedicated advocate for their needs and aspirations.


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