The Times Poll: tell us who you support for governor

TimesPollGovWith election day looming less than two months away, we thought we’d take the pulse of our readers and see where they stand on this year’s gubernatorial race between Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and Democrat Tom Wolf in this year’s election.

We’ll be running the poll on all five of our local news sites — and after a week, we’ll report back to you on the results, both locally and in other parts of the county. If this turns out to be successful, we’ll run similar polls on state legislative races and the congressional races. Remember, you can only vote once.


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  1. Mike McGann says:

    A: I would rather speak with Tom Wolfe — the author of The Right Stuff — frankly, than Tom Wolf, who is not, as you describe “my buddy.” I’m actually still undecided as to who I plan to vote for myself — as I have concerns about both candidates. For the record, in a recent column, I agreed with the call for Wolf to release all of his tax data.

  2. ChescoCPA says:

    Hey Mike:

    When are you going to ask your buddy Tom Wolfe to release his Corporate Tax returns???

    I’d LOVE to review them… NO Charge!!

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