Chamber of Business & Industry endorses three

Corbin, Hennessey, Walker earn group’s nod

branding-cccbiThe Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry this week announced its endorsement of three Chester County State Legislative candidates: incumbents Becky Corbin of the 157th District and Tim Hennessey of the 26th District as well as Cuyler Walker, who is seeking to replace State Rep. Chris Ross, who is not seeking reelection in the 158th District.

All three are Republicans.

Corbin was a unanimous pick for the 155th Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives seat by the CCCBI’s Board of Directors, after a thorough review process, interviews with candidates and/or research on business issues and positions of the various candidates.

“Rep. Becky Corbin’s belief in what we do here at the Chamber is what made her an easy choice for us. We want and need people who share our vision moving forward,” said CCCBI President & CEO Guy Ciarrocchi.

“No other organization has worked harder than the CCCBI to empower entrepreneurs, promote innovation in education, and improve our transportation infrastructure in Chester County. I am truly honored to receive the Chamber’s endorsement, and I look forward to continuing our joint efforts to strengthen Pennsylvania’s economy”, said Corbin.

Corbin faces Democratic candidate Jim Burns from Spring City, where he serves as a Borough Council Member,  in the November election.

The 155th includes the following areas: Caln Township, Downingtown, East Brandywine Township, East Caln Township, South Coventry Township, Upper Uwchlan Township, Uwchlan Township, West Brandywine Township, West Pikeland Township, and West Vincent Township.

The CCCBI also backed Hennessey for the 26th District seat.

“Rep. Hennessey is a lifelong resident of Chester County, someone who knows what has worked in the past and what we need to do in order to succeed in the years to come,”  Ciarrocchi said.

Hennessey currently has no Democratic opponent.

The seat, which Hennessey currently holds, includes parts of: Coatesville, East Coventry Township, East Nantmeal Township, East Vincent Township, Elverson, Honey Brook, Honey Brook Township, North Coventry Township, Spring City, Valley Township, Wallace Township, Warwick Township, West Caln Township and West Nantmeal Township

The CCCBI also announced it would back Walker, currently chair of the East Marlborough Board of Supervisors in the 158th District.

“Choosing Cuyler was simple,” said Guy Ciarrocchi, President and CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry. “He is the only candidate running for State Representative in the 158th District who has experience owning and managing a business and creating jobs, and he is committed to the business friendly policies that we champion here at the Chamber and in the business community.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry.  The Chamber serves a critical role in our economy as an advocate for policies that enable local businesses to thrive and expand job opportunities.  I look forward to working alongside them to bring more jobs to our community,” says Walker.

Walker faces Democrat Susan Rzucidlo from New Garden in the fall election.

The 158th includes the townships of East Bradford, West Bradford, Newlin, West Marlborough, East Marlborough, New Garden, London Britain, parts of West Goshen and the Borough of Avondale.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Since candidate Susan Rzucidlo was not interviewed – did you use only the questionnaires to make your decision? If not, why did you not interview all of the candidates? Seems the CCCBI is just an extension of the Republican party in Chester County.

  2. Sally Tallmadge says:

    The CCCBI praises Walker’s ability to create jobs. Walker’s website says that for the past 20 years he has been the President of the “family-owned manufacturing business with about 25 employees.” What is the name of the company? What does it manufacture? How many of those 25 jobs did he create? These question needs to be answered before we can assess his worthiness to represent the people of the 158th legislative district.

  3. Garrett McDaniel says:

    The Chamber has the right to endorse whomever they like, without question. It is derelict for the Chamber’s endorsement announcement to not even mention the candidacy of Susan Rzucidlo for the 158th District. Each other district’s endorsement at least mention both candidates. There is no excuse for this omission by the Chamber as well as the reporter, the editor and the newspaper.

  4. Guy says:

    Good afternoon Wayne, allow me to correct the record and reassure you and all voters and readers. Each and every candidate for the state house–and state senate and congress–regardless of party or regardless of whether a candidate was an incumbent or challenger or running for an open seat (as is the case here with St. Rep. Ross retiring) was sent a questionnaire and invited to have an interview. Our Board unanimously endorsed Mr. Walker based on his record as a supervisor and as a small businessman–as well as his questionnaire answers and platform. Thanks, Guy Ciarrocchi, Chester County Chamber

    • Guy,

      I can assure you that this is the first year that I did not receive a questionnaire or an invitation to be interviewed. I have always responded to the Chambers questionnaire and have always accepted the invitation to be interviewed. As a business owner I know that the Legislature needs to work with business owners and leaders to attract and keep large businesses to Pennsylvania, make it easier to start and run small businesses and look for opportunities for increasing job growth. If I am elected I will work side by side with legislators, business leaders, workers and experts to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and create good paying, family sustaining jobs.
      I would be happy to meet with the Chamber if they would like to hear more on my positions.

      • Mike McGann says:

        This appears to dovetail with accounts I’m getting from other Democratic candidates about the process. Therefore, until we get further clarification of the situation, we will be holding off publishing the additional announcements of CCCB&I’s endorsements and will begin a more in-depth look at what did and did not occur in the endorsement process before offering any additional coverage.

  5. Wayne Braffman says:

    Shame on the Chamber of Commerce! They endorsed Cuyler Walker in the 158th without even interviewing his Democratic opponent, Susan Rzucidlo. She has owned and operated her own business for 27 years, yet to the CCCBI, that means nothing. Do they even know what her policies towards business are? How the CCCBI disrespects us all with this unthinking endorsement!

    One final thought: CCCBI endorsed Walker because they thought he was the only candidate “who has experience owning and managing a business and creating jobs.” Does that mean they will endorse Tom Wolf for governor?

  6. guest says:

    Susan Rzucidlo was never given the courtesy of an interview. This was just business as usual for Chris Ross’ s pro-life conservative pick. Not at all like Chris..what a disappointment.

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