Tips for buying the perfect swimwear

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With summer on the near horizon, don’t stress, be smart

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

UTKellyColumn copyMemorial Day weekend!  Can you believe that we FINALLY made it?  After the brutally cold winter and soggy spring, could warm, sunny weather be ahead?!?  Let’s celebrate!

Don’t let shopping for a bathing suit dampen your spirits!  There will be NO fat talk!  This year, we will embrace our curves and flaws with grace.  (stop laughing)

So as not to appear completely out of touch with reality, here are some tips and tricks to a successful experience:

• Shave your legs- It sounds kooky, but proper grooming is essential.

• Apply self-tanner the day before- I prefer Jergen’s Natural Glow.  It’s cheap and the color builds gradually.  Get into an every-other-day application and you will see great results!

Kelly• Go on a “good hair day”- You know what I mean.  Shop when you feel good about yourself.  For me, it means post workout on a day with very low humidity (and a recent pedicure).  Slap on some lip-gloss for good measure, too.  It can’t hurt.

• Bring a brutally honest friend- (I’m available at a low hourly rate)

• Survey your closet- In your everyday wardrobe, do you prefer patterns or solid colors?  Chances are you will be more comfortable in a similar bathing suit.

• DO NOT buy a tankini because you are over 40- On the flip side, DO NOT buy a Bedazzled string bikini to match your belly button ring if you are over 40.  Modesty does not mean matronly, ladies…but, a “fit 40 something” is no 21 year old either.  Keep it real.

• Go up a size (or two)- Bathing suit shopping is not the time to down-size.  Generally speaking, suits run larger than normal clothes.  For heaven’s sake, do not squeeze yourself into something just because of the tag.  Sit down, stand up, bend over, reach your arms over your head.  None of these moves should result in a peep show.

These suggested guidelines make picking the perfect bikini a breeze!  Right?  I knew it.

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