Reshaping thoughts about body image

Affirm the positive and stop negative thoughts

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

UTKellyColumn copyHappy Easter!

Put down the peanut butter egg for 5 minutes.  This will be brief, I promise.

Due to the proximity of summer swimsuit/shorts/tank top season, my fanatical fitness focus ratchets up to a whole new level.  In the spirit of Spring’s rebirth and renewal, I am attempting to (once again) have a healthy relationship with my body image.  And, I am NOT alone.  It is a constant topic of conversation amongst the females in my life.  Friends, my sisters, my mother….we are all pre-occupied.

I read this great article in Shape magazine.  Check it out:

Basically, it creates categories of neurosis regarding food pre-occupation.  The “Punisher” is a person who “goes haywire on a predetermined cheat day and then runs to fitness classes to erase their sins.”  The “Bird” “eats over the sink, off of other’s plates or while standing at the fridge but never has an entire meal at a table.”  The “70’s” dieter is “stuck in the past and won’t eat anything that doesn’t say low-cal, low fat, skinny or diet on the label.”

If I’m reading the article correctly, I have diagnosed myself:


Get it?  A combo of all 3!  Hahahaha!

How to change?  Well, that proves to be the difficult part.  I think the key is stopping the negative thoughts and consciously affirming the positive.  Realizing that breaking a bad habit takes perseverance and determination is a good first step.  Surrounding yourself with individuals who have achieved balance wouldn’t hurt, either!

I have added my favorite “go-to” circuit workout to this article as a special Easter basket gift to you!


What are your thoughts on body image?

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Happy Easter weekend!

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