Residents express worries about robberies, Corrine Rd. safety

Safety and security concerns overshadow no-tax hike announcement

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, The Times


Local residents say that motorists are speeding and ignoring stop signs at Corrine and Locust Grove roads in Pocopson.

POCOPSON — Residents’ safety concerns overshadowed the “no tax increase for 2014” announcement during a recent Township Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

Supervisor’s Chair, Steve Conary, told those in attendance that no tax increase is planned for the coming year. Conary said budget highlights include a newly developed multi-year road maintenance plan and increased funding for fire and ambulance services. The board expects to act on the budget during its Dec. 2 meeting; the budget is available for inspection on the township website,

The announcement was quickly overshadowed by several residents expressing concerns about recent robberies in the township and fears about traffic safety along Corrine Road.

The President of the Four Streams Homeowners Association told supervisors that a number of unlocked cars parked in neighbor’s driveways had been broken into but quickly drew attention to the larger issue of finding out about nearby home invasions during chatter amongst moms from her children’s school. Her concern, she said, is the lack of a formal information system to notify residents of safety issues in the township.

She proposed developing a network of Homeowners groups to pass along township safety issues rather than “relying upon word of mouth.”  Supervisors said they will send a message to all Homeowners Associations to open a line of communication.

Conary reminded residents to keep their doors locked at all times, including the door leading from the garage to the house. Even with an alarm system, residents said, it takes the state police 20-25 minutes to respond, allowing plenty of time for a thief to enter a home and make off with valuables. Several home invasions, reported in The Times,, have occurred in the past month.

A resident who lives at the corner of Corrine and Locust Grove Roads told officials of cars “blowing through” the three-way stop located at the intersection. He cited increased traffic along Corrine Road between Northbrook and Wawaset Roads, and told supervisors of one such incident on Halloween where “Trick-or-Treaters were standing at our door and two cars, each going about 50 miles per hour, ran through the stop sign.”

His concerns were echoed by others in the room, who told of a growing danger at the intersection as the number of automobiles and pedestrians in that area increases. Officials listened intently as the resident told of near misses between cars, and between cars and pedestrians.

The problem, the resident said, is occurring in conjunction with an increase in automobile and foot traffic along the roadway due to new homes, its popularity as a cut through to 52 and 926, and the convenience of the walking trail from The Preserve to Pocopson Park.

Residents asked supervisors to request State Police surveillance during busy morning, evening and weekend hours. Supervisors agreed to follow-up on the issue by making the call to State Police as well as investigating ways to highlight the placement of the stop signs to alert drivers to their presence at the intersection.

Officials announced hearings on several proposed ordinances to take place at the Dec. 2 Board of Supervisors’ meeting. The ordinances include Storm Water Management (based on the Chester County model plan), Grading and Alternative/Emerging Energy

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  1. Jbird says:

    20-25 minutes response time for the State Police! Mr. Conary what world are you living in? Even if they were in the Twp it would take longer than that. You need to do your research. You have maybe, MAYBE 4-5 patrol vehicles covering 20 twp/boros just out of the Avondale barracks alone. Do you think that they are gonna sit around and do extra patrol just for Pocopson? Every Twp/Boro covered by the state police is asking for the same thing. Its not a knock on them but the more twps/boros go to the state police for coverage the more stretched thin they get until the state makes you pay for it. Please be honest with your residents and look at all options, that doesn’t mean you have to start your own Dept.

    • Steve Conary says:

      If you re-read Kelli’s article, you will see that “residents said it takes the state police 20-25 minutes to respond.” I understand that response time is highly variable and depends on many factors including where troopers happen to be and the relative priority of the calls they are handling.

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