Letter: Pitts votes no to protect women from violence

To The Editor:

Letters1I was disgusted that our congressman, Joe Pitts, voted against reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.  Even as backwards and archaic as his views generally are on women’s issues, this vote was surprising.  Congressman Pitts hadn’t provided any public comment one way or the other on the legislation, and I had hoped he would join nearly 40% of Congressional Republicans in voting for this important legislation.  Why?

I know that Mr. Pitts believes he is a religious man, and I believed that as a good Christian he would be in favor of protecting women from violence. For someone that claims to be truly religious, this seems like quite a contradiction. Does he not remember the words of Jesus when he said that “Whatever you did for the least of these my brother and sisters, you did for me”? More than half of his constituents are women.  Based on his vote, are we to believe he is in favor of them being beaten, brutalized, raped and murdered?  Is his vote inspired by sentiments that the perpetrators of such horrible acts should not be prosecuted?  Please Joe… tell us why!

Is this simply another example of him choosing to fight on the front line in the war on women? He is against a woman’s right to choose, and thinks that a fertilized egg should have the same rights as the woman carrying it. I will remember this next time I vote and I hope that all other women and men who care about women will remember, too.  We can vote NO, also. No to legislators who hurt and demean women.

Cindy Losco

West Grove,

Women’s Rights Coalition of Southern Chester County

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  1. Paul Horan says:

    Here is another question for Joe: Why did he spend $1,238,765.41 (97% Budget) for bonuses for his staff? I thought we were trying to cut spending. I guess we can cut everyone else’s fat cat payments but not mine! This is the guideline Joe is using. Don’t you think Joe that it would be good to give no bonuses this year and say that my staff is trying to save government cash too? Of course, your salary stays the same while 700,000 workers around the US will have to take a 1 day furlough each week. Must be nice to be the fat cat!!!!!

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