Letter: Ross didn’t protect open space

To the Editor

Rep. Chris Ross (R-158) voted for House Bill 2224 which, according to the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, PennFuture and many other open space organizations,  puts public land, including much-loved parks, at risk of being sold for short term gain or on a political whim.  It tosses out longstanding rules that ensure government cannot sell parks and other Open Space if the lands benefit the public.

In addition to putting our parks and Open Space at risk, the bill:

* Violates the trust and good faith of landowners who donated property for a dollar or sold property to the government at a bargain price with assurances that the land would be used for a public purpose.

* Forces generous landowners to second guess whether they should sell their land at a bargain price for a good cause, such as, a new park, because it shows that government can no longer be trusted with such gifts.

* Compromises farmland preservation protections provided to family farms.

* Discards the fair and balanced process local governments have used since 1959 to determine whether public land can be sold.

It has been amended three times and they still can’t get this bill right.

Ross also voted for HB 1950 the fracking law, which removed local control over gas drilling and pipelines, contained inadequate environmental protections and implemented a mere 1% impact fee.

We must have representatives in Harrisburg who are committed to our environment and who will stand up for what is right.  I am voting for Susan Rzucidlo, Farmer, Business Owner and Advocate. She will speak up for the values and the people of Chester County.

Sharon McCann

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  1. Betty Young says:

    Great Article Sharon! Susan Ruzcidlo has my vote also.

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