Letter: Rzucidlo alerts voters in the 158th of voting issues

To The Editor:

As an advocate, I have worked for many years to assist  families and individuals in the region navigate the complicated Education, Human Services, and Veteran services programs in Pennsylvania. I  help people find services they need and teach them how to they can in turn help others as well.

I am also a candidate running for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 158th Legislative District. I am and will always be an advocate for people. I believe public service should be a calling and not a career. We need people in office who are committed to working for the people not the power brokers.

Last week my campaign sent an informational letter to the voters in my district whose names appeared on the Department of State “mismatched list.”  There were more than 700 voters whose name on their drivers license does not exactly match the name that appears on the voter rolls in voter services.  Being on this list COULD indicate that the voter MAY have a problem with their right to vote if the Photo ID Voter bill stands as law.  Now voters have a new online tool to help them determine if they may have difficulty voting in November. Voters can now go to www.corbettslist.com and find out of their names are on the list with Frank Dermody, Leader of the Democratic House Caucus HD 33. (His Driver’s license says Frank while his given name is Francis) or William Adolph II Republican State Representative from HD 165 or any of the other 19 State Representatives whose names appear on the “Mismatch list.”

I feel all Pennsylvanians have the right to know that they could possibly have a problem when they go to the polls. Knowledge is power. I received many positive phone calls from people expressing gratitude because my letter will give them the opportunity to correct any conflict with their ID before the election.  There are more than 786,000 names on this list.

I have also received a call from Chester County Voter Services telling me that a couple of people were angry that they received a letter from a candidate and not the Department of State.  I cannot speak for the Department of State, but took this step because I believed it was important for people to have this information as quickly as possible. I understand that the Department of State will be sending out letters but I have no way of knowing what their time frame is.

I believe the people of my district, our county and this state deserve to know if their vote is in danger. If the Voter ID law is upheld, this election day may be a horrendous one and as an advocate and a candidate, I want the people in my district to have the information they need in order to move through that day as smoothly as possible and be sure that they have the opportunity to vote.

Susan F. Rzucidlo

New Garden Township

Democratic Candidate PA House 158th District

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  1. steve says:

    I would think that if you believe your system of electing your representatives is the way to go (DEMOCRACY), then you would embrace everyone voting!!!!
    But to save the roughly $10 million this ID law will be costing us taxpayers, how about we get purple ink, and ink the thumbs of anyone who voted…this can be easilly checked. After all, we helped the Iraq people keep track of voter fraud during their country”s first democratic election….if it’s good enought for them, how about it here?

  2. Nick Sacco says:

    Although I am not in your district, I thank you for your information. My hope is that the voter id law is upheld. Also, I have had no problem fixing or changing my drivers license nor has my wife had any problems fixing her state id. I am 58 yrs old and my wife is 60 yrs old. If people want to get id or fix problems with their id, they have the ability through many various means, it’s mostly pure laziness. Quit making excuses for people.

    • Gypsy says:

      Nick, I’m happy for you that you have no problem keeping your license up to date, but have you considered that there are over 750,000 registered voters in PA who, for one reason or another, do not have a state photo ID of any kind? And further, did you know that the number of cases of voter fraud in our state is exactly Zero? None. Not one. In the lawsuit against this legislation, the state government was not able to produce one case of voter fraud. This is an onerous solution to a non-existent problem. Voting is a RIGHT for all Americans, not a privilege for those who can afford to get a photo ID. Lets keep it that way.

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