Pileggi ‘hiding behind his desk’ won’t debate opponent

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To The Editor:

The voters in the 9th District have a choice in this election.  You have a choice to keep business as usual or make a change.

Dominic Pileggi is making the case he is fiscally responsible.  Is it fiscally responsible to raise bond debt to pay for operating expenses?  Is it fiscally responsible to ignore the underfunded pensions?

Is it fiscally responsible to vote in the middle of the night for his own pay raise? I will never take a tax payer funded pension nor vote for a pay raise for myself.

He keeps his campaign promises-to special interests.  Comcast invested over $30,000 into Senator Pileggi’s campaign.  He ensured they received over $30 million dollars in taxpayer funded corporate handouts through RCAP.  He says he is now working on reforming RCAP-after the checks have already been spent and the debt continues to pile up.

I would ask him why Pennsylvania has the second highest corporate tax rate in the nation, while handing out millions in special ‘development funds’ to crony capitalist campaign supporters.  My supporters are taxpayers and neighbors- not special interests and I will remember them when I go to Harrisburg.

I would welcome the opportunity to debate Senator Pileggi on his record of fiscal responsibility.  My first question would be, “Why does Pennsylvania remain on the top 10 list-the top ten WORST states to do business?”

Will he come out or will he continue to hide behind his desk in Harrisburg?

Roger Howard

East Marlborough

Candidate for State Senate 9th District



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