Kristman KAU Player of the Week

Megan Kristman, KAU Player of the Week.

As the only girl in a family of five children, KAU Little League’s Player of the Week more than likely will have bragging rights over her four brothers, at least for seven days.

For her ability to play any position well, her dedication to playing the game “hard,” and for being a player whom others already try to emulate, Megan Kristman of KAU’s Minor Softball Division is the Player of the Week.

According to her team’s manager, Jay Snoke, “Megan is a very dedicated and serious player who wants to do her best. While she is a quiet girl who would rather sit back and watch and learn, she does not disagree with any instruction a coach gives her. Although everyone has room for improvement, she has a willingness to listen and improve, even though she by far has already excelled in everything she does as a softball player.”

Helping lead her team to a 9-3 record with one game left to play, Megan has struck out only once this season and has hit a grand slam.

Megan is in 4th grade at Avon Grove Intermediate School. She is the daughter of Melanie and Charlie Kristman of Avondale.

All KAU Players of the Week are nominated by their team managers.

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