A simple guide for Valentine’s Day for guys

A few stanzas on how to make your sweetie very happy on Tuesday

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, UnionvilleTimes.com

Gather ‘round fellas, for I’ve got something to say

About how to “succeed” on Valentine’s Day

As ladies, we’re easy, but, not like you think

We don’t want carnations or roses in pink

It doesn’t take silver or diamonds or gold

We don’t expect riches or fortunes untold

What we need is quite simple if you’re willing to hear

So, sit up, take notes and put down that beer

The sweet sound of silence for an hour or two

Is priceless to us for all that we do

It isn’t about cards or flowers and fluff

Just put kids down to bed and pack all of their stuff

Make lunches, sign agendas, do the meaningless things

That make us go bonkers and wish we had wings

Even better, order take out with a nice glass of wine

And make US watch YOU fold clothes at half past nine

Guys, that is sexy as sexy can be

And the reciprocity will make you smile…

Trust me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!


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  1. Kelly says:


    Thanks, Dad

    Love ya!

  2. Since I have known Kelly for quite a while, I can say unequivocally that her beliefs have been, and continue to be, strong, consistent, and cogent since day one.

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