Top of the Tribe-Matt Drohan

Unionville senior looks to repeat as district champion while trying to lead team into states

By Dave Conard, Sports Editor

Unionville senior Matt Drohan has set the tone all season for the Indians.

EAST MARLBOROUGH — It’s seems like it is impossible to turn on the television or computer these days without some one taking another shot at Penn State University, even though for decades the Nittany Lion moniker has stood for excellence on and off the athletic field of play.

One person un swayed by the bashing of the blue and white is Unionville senior and new subject of the Top of the Tribe profile Matt Drohan, who will reside in happy valley next year following graduation.

Drohan, who won the District One title in the 500 –yard freestyle, last season, has been doing his best to follow in the footsteps of former Indians star Shane Austin, who Drohan will be rejoining next year at State College in their brand new swimming facility.

Drohan, who spends enough practice time in the pool to make Aquaman proud, has been stretching his realm of competition as he has been competing in the 200 yard freestyle, 100 yard backstroke, 200 yard individual medley and of course the 500 Freestyle as Unionville has stormed out of the gates this season 4-0 in league meets.

Drohan will be battling to get back to the sstate final in the 500 yard freestyle.

Getting to know our subject of the this weeks Top of the Tribe The six questions we had to ask Mr. Drohan

What do you enjoy the most about this year’s squad?

“We are so close as a team, we are all friends even when we are not in the pool and that make all of the time we spend getting ready for meets all that more fun.”

If we tapped into your headphones before a meet, what kind of music would we hear?

“I am classic rock all the way, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Areosmith anything that kicks, definitely no pop, rap or country.”

Who has been your biggest role model or some one you would want to emulate?

“When I was a freshman, Shane Austin was on of our best swimmers, I remember thinking to myself, how can I do that, he had a great work ethic and I was, well lets just say I wasn’t the best swimmer.”

Who has helped you or been a your biggest supporter to help you get to where you are today?

“My mom has been amazing, I was not a good swimmer and really had no thought that I could ever be successful, I had not even kept my own times until she got me to my coach Scott Elliott who really turned me into what I am today. I love the role of being a captain and want to help the underclassmen be the swimmers they can be, I am so proud of our team.”

What goals have you set for your self this season and in the future?

“I want to do my absolute best every time I take the pool. I like to feel my way into competition and want to get back to states like last year, which I never a given, I have to be ready and leave nothing in the water.”

If you could hang out with three people in the world, catch a ball game, round of golf or dinner in the city who would they be?

“First would be Michael Phelps, he is simply the best. Next I would say Jimmy Paige from Led Zeppelin and third would be my history teacher Fran Mulhern, who is really interesting and would be great to hang out with.”


Check back with for our coverage of the Indians sports and next “Top of the Tribe” profile which will feature diving record holder, sophomore McKayla Mawn.

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