Farrell reelected Chair, Cozzone Vice Chair of ChesCo Commmissioners

Commissioner Terence Farrell

WEST CHESTER — Terence Farrell was elected Chair of the Chester County Board of Commissioners at this morning’s 2012 organizational meeting, while Kathi Cozzone was elected Vice Chair.

Commissioner Ryan Costello nominated Farrell and Cozzone for the positions. Costello stressed that the three commissioners have worked well as a team and that they take a non-partisan approach to meeting the needs of, and serving the citizens of the county. Farrell and Costello are Republicans and Cozzone is a Democrat.

The three commissioners were elected in November and took their oaths of office on Monday, January 2nd at a swearing-in event for all Chester County elected officials and Common Pleas Judges, held at West Chester University.

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  1. Kristin Hoover says:

    Good political strategy for the Republicans! They throw a meaningless “bone” to the lone Democrat and keep the new guy out of the limelight until he is more seasoned and ready to take over. The lone Democrat can bask in the meaningless “recognition” and everyone gets to take credit for looking like non-partisan colleagues who just want to work together to serve the community. I always enjoy when machine politicians try to make themselves look like partisan politics isn’t actually driving what happens!

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