Radley grabs KenRun Cup

Radley Run tops Kennett CC senior golfers in fifth annual matchup

Only a few desolate tees reside where the Kennett Country Club used to display the KenRun Cup — which moved to Radley Run, after it's senior golfers won this year's annual match between the clubs.

BIRMINGHAM — Neighboring golf clubs can often foster some of the great rivalries in amateur sports.  On October 4th and 7th the Senior Men golf members of Radley Run and Kennett Square once again proudly fielded teams to represent their respective clubs for the 5th Annual KenRun Cup.  The prize is a trophy that is housed in the winning team’s clubhouse for the year and of course bragging rights of the county.  The annual event was the brainchild of Greg Varacchi (Radley Run) and Bill Lotter (Kennett Square) who designed the format for the tournament to be similar to the Ryder Cup.

The first year Kennett took home the trophy but that was followed by four years of total domination with Radley trouncing their good friends from Kennett.  On the first day Radley won 8-4 with an alternate shot, 2 man team format at Radley and felt quite confident going to Kennett a few days later.  Kennett pulled together in the individual matches and won the second day with a 5-7 result but it fell short of winning the KenRun Cup for their team.  Finally score:  Radley 13, Kennett 11.

The members of the Radley Run team are:  Jim McRae, Joe Rizzo, Bob Gould, Bill, Rice, Richard Constable, Robert Potter, Darryl Biery, Chuck Schwartz, Greg Varacchi, Bill Krause, Andy Shaw, Bob Pinto and Kenny Oppenheimer.

To add to the agony of defeat, the losing team, at their expense, must engrave the winning team’s name on the trophy.  This year it will proudly stand in the trophy case at Radley while an empty shelf holds nothing but tees at Kennett (see photo).

This is a fun event that is held each fall and as one participant says, “The beer was good while waiting for the results.”  Good luck next year gentlemen!

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