Op/Ed: Time to promote sensible gun laws

By Chris Pielli, Recorder of Deeds, Chester County

Chris Pielli

South Street on a Saturday night.

How many times have we enjoyed hanging out there?  Now I am calling my son to make sure he is safe.  Meanwhile, extremist Doug Mastriano and his radical Republicans stomp and shout about the sanctity of life while promoting lethal legislation seeking to pass permit less, concealed carry laws that will put more guns in the hands of teenagers and make our streets less safe.


This makes no sense and makes it more challenging for our local police to do their job. This is Pennsylvania, not the wild West!  We must stop this type of ridiculous legislation and promote sensible laws that promote less guns on the street not more.

I am a gun owner, trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and an Army Veteran that supports the reasonable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, but recognizes the Common Sense need for immediate legislation that protects our constituents from gun violence, like more extensive comprehensive background checks, waiting periods and gunlock/home safety initiatives.

Let’s use our common sense.  This shouldn’t be a Democratic or Republican issue.  This is a Pennsylvanian public health crisis issue.

Chris Pielli is the Chester County Recorder of Deeds and the Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 156th District.

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