Letter: Voter fraud is the other ‘Big Lie’

To the Editor
I share grave concern with many Americans about the right to vote.   The protection for our democracy that H.R. 1 provides is critical in a time when more than 200 voter suppression legislative actions are being considered by state legislators and some signed into law.
The “New York Times” and other national news outlets have exposed the connection between these voter suppression laws and  support, model legislation and political organizational work provided by the Heritage  Action For America, the action wing of  The Heritage Foundation, a powerful and wealthy “think tank.”  The “grass roots” protests against voter fraud have been conceived, funded and organized by this elite and powerful organization.
Heritage Action even bussed “protestors” to West Virginia for a protest against “voter fraud” at the state capitol to pressure Senator Joe Manchin to not support H.R. 1.  Voter Fraud is another Big Lie.  Sixty American courts have found little or no evidence of  voter fraud affecting election outcomes. I urge American voters who want to protect democracy to communicate with their senators and representatives to support H.R. 1.  We will have a healthier society without gerrymandering and legislated obstacles to keep voters away from the polls.
Marjorie Herbert
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