Letter: We must defend the nation against sedition in trying to overturn election

To The Editor,

We are witnessing an attempt to subvert our election process through demagoguery and disinformation.

While we understand that in every election there are winners and losers, never before in our National history have we seen such dishonesty and blatant attempt to deceive in order to overturn the results of an election.

Now we must ask, at what point do such acts become sedition? Are the actions by the current Administration in effect “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority”? As an example, the call by some elected officials in Pennsylvania, all Republicans, to question the certification of our election results for no good reason other than they are unhappy with the results.

It is with this question that I ask, how do we go about prosecuting these acts of sedition? How do “We The People” file a complaint against them and insist they be prosecuted? Can we also name their enablers? Those who fund them and propagate the false statements that are inciting violence in our Nation?

We must defend our Nation. True patriots uphold the law, they don’t incite sedition. And it is time we put a stop to it.


Lisa Longo


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