Bingham seeks to lead Chesco’s Democrats

Dick Bingham (left) and Marsha Peltz (right) are running to lead the Chester County Democratic Committee.

A PhD in Organic Chemistry with years of community service, Dick Bingham is one of two candidates vying to lead Chester County Democrats through the 2018 Midterms and into the Blue Wave of the next four years.

Bingham, a retired DuPont chemist Kennett Square and Chair of the Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) Zone Leader Caucus, is a candidate for June 13’s election of the next County Chair. Joining him as his candidate for Vice Chair is Marsha Peltz of Malvern, an award-winning publicist and Zone Leader of East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems.

With the retirement of Chester County Democratic Committee Chair Brain McGinnis after a highly successful four-year term, a Reorganization Meeting is set for Stetson Middle School at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 13. Only newly elected Democratic Committee Persons may vote for party leadership.

The entire Team Bingham slate includes incumbent David Rhoads for Secretary and Easttown Zone Leader MaryAnn Piccioni for Treasurer. All four candidates have extensive hometown, county and regional political experience.

As a member of CCDC’s five-member Executive Board, Bingham witnessed the 2016 blistering defeats and 2017 historic county Row Office wins. His philosophy is a simple one: to spearhead communications that motivate; voters who vote and candidates who win. To succeed in the 2018 Midterms and beyond, Bingham envisions the county committee as “fundamentally a bottom-up organization where our zones and our Committee People are our most important resource.”

Coming from a corporate background where team unity breeds success, he reminds the county membership, “it will not be my role to do everything; it will be my role to make sure everything gets done.”

Endorsements for Bingham include newly elected Chester County Treasurer Patricia Maisano. “Never have we been in better position to win it all. I believe Dick Bingham and his team can calmly and effectively, with dignity and purpose, take us to the next level.”

With an eye on engaging more young voters, Bingham was endorsed by Chester County Young Democrats Chair Hans Van Mol. “’Dick Bingham is the type of leader we need to continue the historical strides Democrats are making in Chester County. His solid organizational development background and strong desire to assemble cohesive, results-driven teams will guarantee a unified CCDC. As Chair of the Chester County Young Democrats, I know how important it is that young Dems feel heard, valued and included. We look for a visionary who is willing to attempt new ideas and to listen and value all input. Dick Bingham will be that kind of Chairman, and I’m proud to endorse him.”

Chester County’s diverse Democratic base is slowly making an impact. Bingham and his team witnessed last week the swearing in of the first Muslim woman to an elected office in Coatesville. Khadijah Al-Amin took her place on Coatesville City Council as Chairman McGinnis observed, “We are breaking down barriers that few thought could be broken down.”

Bingham, with his four-person slate, hopes to continue to win seats from school board to the Statehouse and in 2020, the White House. They are ready to work hard to turn Chester County blue.

Campaign information about Team Bingham can be found on their Facebook page:

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