Frank formally announces bid to lead Chesco’s Democrats

Lani Frank, front, is running for chair of the Chester County Democratic Committee, flanked by running mates Bill Phifer, who is running for Vice Chair, and Nick Allen, who is running for secretary.

Chester County Democratic Committee Vice Chair Lani Frank, announced her candidacy Sunday for the office of CCDC Chair, vowing to bring a spirit of collaboration and strong leadership to Chester County Democrats.

Frank, the current Vice Chair, has devoted the last 18 years to building the Chester County Democratic Party to where it is today, winners in 2017.  

Endorsed by over 50 current and former Democrats, including Committee People, Zone Leaders and others in the county and around the state, such as Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, former State Party Chair Jim Burn, current Mayors Dianne Herrin and Josh Maxwell and former Mayors Jordan Norley and Leo Scoda, former Congressman Joe Hoeffel, former Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel and current Chester County Controller Margaret Reif and Clerk of Courts Yolanda Van de Krol.

“My view of successful leadership is to inspire others to do their best towards a common goal while holding people, including myself, accountable,” Frank said. “My style is to work collaboratively, transparently, create a team approach, give credit where credit is due and facilitate an environment that values new ideas and greater productivity.”

Lani is running as a team with her friend of 14 years, Bill Phifer, current Chair of the CCDC Communications Committee, a committee he started in 2014. Bill, a resident of East Bradford, is a committed lifelong Democrat, who has plans to improve the messaging and outreach by the CCDC. Bill has served on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Valley Science Council since 1976, and retired from Hewlett Packard Corp as an HP Fellow in 2012, after a 40-year career in IT with a focus on program management, process improvement and organizational development.

“I am a ‘process guy’; any organization of our size that wants to succeed at a higher level must have policies, processes and procedures and a disciplined approach and accountability to following them, and that is what I have tried to bring to the table and will continue to do so,” Phifer said.

Joining Frank/Phifer Leadership Team is Nicholas (Nick) Allen, current Committee Person in West Chester. Nick is a Math Teacher at a local middle school and is a proud “young Democrat.” Nick brings his communications and social media skills to the team and will bring state of the art communications skills to the benefit of our Party.

Current CCDC Treasurer Lisa Longo is running independently from the ticket, but as the incumbent Treasurer is supporting the Frank-Phifer-Allen team. Lisa has set the oparty on a secure financial path through her efforts to establish rules and procedures of raising and reporting campaign finances. Lisa has extensive experience in raising money for not-for-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, and she also brings her organizing and technical skills to the party, supporting all Democratic candidates within and outside the county.

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