Green Woods Gators swim off to hot start

A Green Woods Gators swimmer in recent competition.

The Green Woods Gators posted 3 victories and 1 loss so far this season.  On June 25 Green Woods opened with a win against Jennersville YMCA (255-210).  Katie Garey, Mark Miller, Matt Magness and Thomas Smiddy led the way winning first place in 3 events each.  Maura Grimes, Lindsey Hewton, Shannon Garvey and Madelyn Lowe all were double winners.  The following swimmers won 1 event: Brandon Smiddy, Laura Barthold, Molly Wentz, Jason Smiddy, Hunter Hayes, Kyle Garvey and Anthony DiBiaggio.

Green Woods beat Waterview on June 29th (259-205).  Mackenzie Hornibrook led the Gators taking first place wins in 4 events!  Shannon Garvey, Patrick Boyle and Matt Magness were triple event winners.  Katie Garvey, Lindsey Hewton and Nathaniel Talley placed first in 2 events.  And the following swimmers placed first in one event:  Zoe Ellis, Tess Foote, Maura Grimes, Jack Boyle, Taylor Bohn, Erin Garvey, Laura Barthold, Charlie Lesher and Matt DiPaolo.

On July 6th, the Gators fell to the Upper Main Line YMCA (253-199).  Mackenzie Hornibrook placed first in 4 events!  Thomas Smiddy and Matt Magness were triple winners.  Madelyn Lowe, Charlie Lesher, Ben Halkowski, Shannon Garvey and Maura Grimes were double winners.  The following swimmers placed first in 1 event each:  Patrick Boyle, Erin Towler, Talyor Bohn, Lindsey Hewton, Mark Miller, Brenna Magness and Tommy Ferree.

The Green Woods Gators won a very exciting meet against the Wedgewood Whales on July 9th (239-226).  Thomas Smiddy led the Gators with 3 first place wins!  Mackenzie Hornibrook, Katie Garvey, Charlie Lesher, Matt Magness and Lilly Mannion were double winners.  The following swimmers won 1 event each: Laura Barthold, Taylor Bohn, Patrick Boyle, Anthony DiBiaggio, Shannon Garvey, Maura Grimes, Ben Halkowski, Lindsy Hewton, Mark Miller and Molly Wentz.

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