Letter: Republicans, you own this

To The Editor,

letters1Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton faced off their final debate, and once again Mr. Trump found new ways to embarrass the Republican Party – and those in the Chester County Republican Committee and their candidates who have continued to endorse him.  

Their support continues despite his complete lack of understanding of the US Constitution and how government works, his attacks on women, minorities, and people of faith. Don’t forget his attack on our veterans and the Khan family, and especially his childish threats of violence and inability to accept the outcome of the race if he loses.  

You could add his distortion of reality on immigration, climate change, Russia, voting rights, the Middle East, taxes and the economy, world trade policies, healthcare, the handicapped, the working poor, and Muslims. The US has never seen this degree of unfitness in a presidential candidate – and yet none of these failures in character and leadership have led local and state Republicans to stop supporting his candidacy. I think it’s time they admit their “huge” mistake.

 Brian J. McGinnis


Chester County Democratic Committee 

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