Truitt bill to encourage IT, computer students signed into law


State Rep. Dan Truitt (R-156)

Careers in computer science and information technology usually pay good wages while offering excellent benefits. Unfortunately, courses in these fields often don’t count toward high school graduation requirements, leaving Pennsylvania’s students at a disadvantage when competing for jobs or applying for college to major in these areas.

That’s about to change, thanks to legislation cosponsored by Rep. Dan Truitt (R-Chester) and included as part of the state’s Education Code approved by the House and Senate and signed by Gov. Tom Wolf on July 13. 

Originally introduced as House Bill 833, the initiative will direct school districts to computer science and information technology classes to be used toward fulfilling math and science course requirements.

“Currently, computer science classes are usually considered electives,” said Truitt. “Students who want to explore courses in these areas often have to forego them to meet other academic requirements, even though computer science and information technology are math-and-science intensive.  This has the net effect of discouraging schools from offering these courses at the very time lucrative jobs in these fields are in high demand.”

Truitt, an engineer by trade, says the change will make students more likely to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

Wednesday’s move by the Legislature marks the second time in recent months that bills sponsored by Truitt made their way into law.  Earlier this year, Gov. Tom Wolf issued an executive order to waive certain fees for mandated background checks nonprofits must conduct in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal – a plan Truitt first put forth last year.

“Sometimes bills are introduced and go through the regular process of a committee vote and a direct up-and-down vote on the floor, and sometimes they are incorporated via other means,” said Truitt.  “Either way, I am very pleased to see that these ideas to protect our kids and strengthen our education system are moving forward.”

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