Letter: The State of the 158th

To The Editor,

Letters1There has been a lot of misinformation going around about the contested primary election to replace retiring Representative Chris Ross in the 158th District. Endorsed candidate Lenny Rivera withdrew from the race on March 26 due to a dispute over the procedure to collect petition signatures. Lenny was a good candidate but he wanted to avoid the distraction this issue would cause and asked to be taken off the ballot.

Since the endorsed candidate dropped out so close to the election, the Republican ballot for this seat will be blank. There are two Republicans who will be running in the primary as write-in candidates, Businessman Perry Bentley and Eric Roe. Republican voters will have the opportunity to write-in the candidate of their choice on April 26th. Bentley, whose private sector experience and deeper roots in the district make him a stronger candidate against Rzucidlo in November, has my vote.

I understand that Democrat Susan Rzucidlo is waging a campaign to also be a write-in candidate on the Republican primary ballot. Her campaign has reportedly been contacting Republican voters claiming that she shares Republican values – what Rzucidlo fails to mention is that she is a life-long liberal Democrat who would be a reliable vote in the state house for Governor Tom Wolf’s tax and spend policies.

The Democrats will have a chance to try and elect their candidate in November, they shouldn’t try to trick the voters into supporting their candidate in the Republican primary on April 26th.


Bruce Murray

East Marlborough

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  1. Jessie Cocks says:

    1. Susan Rzucidlo is the best PERSON for the 158th District!
    2. Susan has always left party information off her campaign material because she is a candidate for the PEOPLE and the Community, not the party!
    3. Write in campaigns are as old as the hills.
    There is no tricking going on here. There is honest concern for ALL people, farm land and conservation, equal rights and services for children and adults. Call it liberal if you want. I call it DECENT! Susan is always clear about being a democrat when she knocks on doors. For more information about the best candidate for our communities, go to http://www.susanforpa.com

  2. Don Fanucci says:

    Susan Ridiculozzo seems to think that the people of the 158th are the most naive in the state if she honestly believes she can sneak in to office in this comical farce of a back door attempt. She doesn’t put her party affiliation on her lit because she doesn’t want to mess things up for when she launches yet another failed candidacy with her true party, the liberal democrats. She is apparently a part of the more cynical Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. No one is falling for it Miss Ridoculazzo

  3. Hannah H. says:

    As the above three democrats wouldn’t tell you:

    Susan Rzucidlo, is misleading. Today I arrived home to find her literature on my door, with a hand signed, “sorry I missed you S.” No where on her literature did it mention that she was a democrat, running a write in the republican ballot. Instead, it just simply reads “Republican write in — Susan Rzucidlo for Pennsylvania House of Representatives. If she can’t even be straight forward apart her party affiliation to the people she is asking to support her, how can we trust her in Harrisburg.

    • steve says:

      just wondering…do you vote strictly party affiliation, or do you look at the issues and the candidates stance, and vote for who you think will best represent your views? Just as a devil’s advocate here, maybe she was going door to door to meet people, regardless of their party affiliation, and wanted to make an impression as their future representative as a person, not an agent for a party?

    • Hannah,
      I have never put my political party on any of my campaign lit. Not to mislead anyone, but because I want people to decide on whether or not to vote for me based on my positions rather than my Party. I have a 100% voting record and I have always voted on issues that are important to me and my impression of whether someone will work for me and my community and not just be a rubber stamp for any Party. That is how I hope everyone approaches politics.
      It may be too much to hope for in these strongly partisan times but believe it is the best way to select our leaders.
      Susan Rzucidlo

  4. Bill Phifer says:

    It’s amazing that people who haven’t even met, much less spoken with Susan Rzucidlo, would think she is anyone other than her own person. Her ‘experience’ in Harrisburg has been to fight simply for equal services and access for the most disadvantaged who don’t even have their own voice, and programs she advocated for were fully bipartisan supported. Meanwhile, the two other write-in candidates are both in their mid 20’s with little earned experience, both from very wealthy, advantaged families, with stated positions against public schools and collective bargaining for workers that are as far as you can get from Chester County middle-income values. Why is there even a question who is the most qualified? My vote in the 158th goes to Susan Rzucidlo.

  5. A White says:

    I got a stuff in the mail from Roe and Bently. I was shocked to see their pictures…have they been to the Prom yet? They are kids. I looked them up and they are both political hacks…young political hacks. That’s disturbing!They are clearly trying to outconservative each other. I don’t want a kid, I don’t want a political operative, I don’t want a conservative nor do I want an ultra conservative. I want a moderate and the Democrat is the most moderate of them all. As a woman I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I think Government is in our lives too much and certainly they need to stay out of our bodies.

  6. Wayne Braffman says:

    Mr. Murray writes: ‘…[Rzucidlo]would be a reliable vote in the state house for Governor Tom Wolf’s tax and spend policies.’

    Obviously, he has never met Susan Rzucidlo. Trust me: she is NOBODY’S rubber stamp.

    If you are wondering if her values are closer to yours than the 2 extremist Republican candidates in the race, you can review her positions here: http://www.susanforpa.com

  7. Donna M. says:

    Tricking? This woman came to my door and the first thing she said was that she was a Democrat doing a write in on the Rep ballot. I appreciated her honesty and I will write her in. Most of my friends are Rep and we want honesty and a mature person..not a child. There was no tricking here. I’m a moderate and do not want a conservative there on my behalf.

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