Bentley launches write-in bid for 158th GOP nomination


Perry Bentley

Unionville’s Perry Bentley announced Tuesday that he would mount a write-in campaign for the Republican nomination for State Representative in the 158th District, just a day after Lenny Rivera ended his bid for the seat.

In a letter addressed to Chester County Republican Committee members and the voters of the 158th legislative district, Bentley announced his write-in campaign for the Republican nomination:

“Due to circumstances beyond the control of Republican voters in the 158th Legislative District, there will be no Republican candidate for State Representative on the ballot for the April 26th Primary. After a period of consultation with friends, family, and community leaders, I am announcing my candidacy as a Republican in the 158th Legislative District,” Bentley wrote.

He said he seeks to support the legacy of retiring State Rep. Chris Ross by running for the seat.

“I will not let the legacy of Representative Chris Ross be diminished by allowing a Democrat to take office without any conservative, Republican opposition,” he said.

The opening on the ballot with less than 30 days before the Primary Election requires decisive action,” he said. “Republicans in the 158th Legislative District need a well-organized, principled, and hard-working candidate with the campaign resources to defeat the Democrats. The Republican candidate must immediately launch a campaign that can quickly gain voter support and educate the public on how to cast a write-in vote.”

 Bentley noted that he sought the nomination earlier, but agreed to step aside when the county committee backed another candidate.

“I announced my candidacy for the 158th last year only to withdraw from the process because the Chester County Republican Committee chose to endorse another candidate,” Bentley said. “I happily supported that candidate, but unfortunately he is no longer running.”

He said he expects this to be a very exciting election season — with high turn out from local voters.

“The excitement of this year’s Presidential election has already driven out Republican voters in record numbers,” he said. I believe I am the only person who has the commonsense conservative principles, organization and financial resources to reach every Republican voter who will vote this April and educate them on how to write in a candidate.”

Last, he said he will hit the ground running, with a campaign ready to go.

“I am ready to run today. I have the resources, desire and ability to mount an effective campaign to secure the Republican nomination on April 26th. I pledge to run a campaign that will do all that is necessary to win.

My campaign’s mission will be to send Chester County’s values of commonsense reform and fiscal sanity to Harrisburg,” he said.

Those interested in more information on Bentley can reach his campaign via email at


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  1. D. Matthews says:

    All these years Mr Ross pretended to be a moderate..a pro choice moderate. I can’t imagine that he would support this obviously pro birth candidate who says he is conservative.
    Didn’t Mr Rivera also consult with his family and friends etc in choosing to quit the race? Must have the same speech writer.
    So many questions…did he go to public school or Upland where Chris Ross and Cutler Walker served? Sounds like a charter school guy. Is he for a woman’s right to choose or is he a big contributer of Planned Parenthood like Ross? Will he hide his moderate stand on this to get the conservatives to vote for himm
    Is he against Medical Marijuana too?
    Will he carry on Ross Pay Day Loan legacy?
    Can’t they find an adult who isn’t under criminal investigation or doesn’t break the law?
    Is he in favor of the Keystone exams like Ross was?
    So many questions…

  2. Bill Phifer says:

    Bentley says he wants to honor the legacy of Chris’s Ross. Does that mean he is strongly pro-choice and has plans to address climate change and protect our environment like Ross? Chris Ross was continually re-elected because he was a moderate on most issues. What is Bentley?

  3. Jamie says:

    Wow – a thoughtful reasoned, mature, articulate response to a troll who references people’s underwear – a sad sign of what the Republican party has degenerated to – The Trump School of bully politics.

    Good luck, Ms. Rzucidlo. We need more people like you in Harrisburg, who will work with, not against, people who have a different approach and are open to new ideas…and solutions, instead of name-calling and underwear references.

  4. Steve LaLeve says:

    Susan Rzucidlo, apparently raised by people who couldn’t spell her name on a birth certificate seems to have another spelling issue- putting an R next to her name instead of a D for what she really is- a liberal tax and spend Democrat who would be a rubber stamp for whatever entitlement du jour One Term Tom Wolf has on the table. In a move so comically inept it would be generous to call it “underhanded”, she is now attempting to be written in as a republican, most likely because her views are so extremely left wing that even her own Democratic Party soundly rejected her. What are her views? Does anyone really know? The truth is we don’t and we cannot trust someone that changes party allegiances like Steve Brun changes underwear- weekly.

    • Susan F. Rzucidlo says:

      Mr LaLeve,
      You seem to be confused.  Rzucidlo, is my married name and is it spelled exactly as it was when my husbands grandfather came to this country. It is always shocking to me when someone feels the need to attack a person’s name. 

      I have not changed parties and I have not made a secret of the fact that I am a Democrat who is running a Republican write in campaign. I am running unopposed as a Democrat in the Primary.  I decided to run a write in campaign on the Republican ticket when the last endorsed Republican candidate, Lenny Rivera, after falsifying his petitions, chose to withdraw and because I believe the voters of the 158th deserve a candidate who follows the law.  I also believe that Republican voters and I find common ground on a good 80-90% of the issues. I know this because I have spent a lot of time talking to Republicans across the district, listening to their ideas and the issues that are most important to them and their families.  

      The issues facing our state are not Democratic issues or Republican issues but people issues.  We may have different approaches but our goal is the same, solve the problems in ways that are efficient, effective and ethical. I am committed to doing that and to and serve all of the people of the 158th with integrity, transparency and accountability. 

      Aren’t we all dismayed by the gridlock that is in Washington and Harrisburg when the only focus is which political party brought up a suggestion?   We must move past that mindset. My thought is that instead of focusing the 10 – 20% of issues where we don’t agree, let’s work together on the other 80% of the issues facing our state and make Pennsylvania an even better place build a life, a family and a business in.  If you want to know where I stand on the issues, please just visit my website    

    • Wayne Braffman says:

      Since you asked about her views, you can study them here… and then get back to us about what you discovered:

    • steve brun says:

      hmmm, and how do you know about my underwear??? Unless that is your big issue. The underhanded move here was Lenny having his signature notarized on falsified petitions.. and how can you assume my party alliance?? I have missed only 2 primary elections since I could vote in 1972…never once voted straight party anything. So if voting for an actual person, instead of party ideology is wrong in your eyes. Then I’m the poster boy.

  5. steve brun says:

    Here’s another slash and cut Republican telling us what’s good for us. Now he’s 26 years old…works in Daddy’s business (which grossed almost 600 MILLION $$$ in 2013)…just bought a house in East Marlboro (ok, how many 26 year olds can just up and buy a house in East Marlboro?) As Creedence Clearwater sang, “Fortunate Son”…but he has the experience and answers. He says… “Bentley said competition is the key. He said that there are 19,000 school districts in the country, but there were 130,000 in 1939.

    “The number of school districts has grown smaller, and school districts themselves have grown larger adding a layer of bureaucracy and a disconnect between students and the administration at large,” he said.

    Bentley said he would like the see the competition that takes place at local school districts for students, teachers and resources be applied across the state.” However, his “company” does’t like competition, as it’s “acquired” these small companies in the last decade…link here…
    so who will he represent??? people?? or businesses???
    Time for a change…time to write in Susan Rzucidlo on the R primary ballot. Time to send a message to the Republican party that we want people willing to compromise and find common solutions, not a 26 year old businessman, who touts his “experience” to tell us what’s good for us and the state.
    and all this from a local Republican party that has had it’s last 2 endorsed candidates for this seat, withdraw. This party has put up candidates to represent us that were not vetted properly, as they have withdrawn. Time for some new players.

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