KSG&CC ‘Making a Difference Day’ supports local charities

A.H.H.A.H and Wings for Success are 2015 beneficiaries


By Kim Chiomento, News Editor, The Times


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(L-R) Jan Michner, Founder, Art Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH), 2015  Making a Difference Day Chair -Pattie Diggin, Carrie Avery – Chester County Juvenile Detention Center, Eleanor Schwandt , Janie Masters, Mary Pat Knauss, Board President -Wings for Success Back Row: Diana Long

EAST MARLBOROUGH – A soggy morning forecast did not dampen the spirits of the nearly 60 women who came out to support Kennett Square Golf and Country Club’s (KSG&CC) annual ‘Making a Difference Day.’  The event, now in its tenth year, places a focus on raising funds for charities through a morning of camaraderie, golf, and tennis followed by a luncheon and silent auction. This week’s event raised more than $6,500 for local non-profits Art Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH) and Wings for Success.

While the weather kept supporters off the golf course and tennis courts, attendees did not hesitate to take the friendly competition inside, putting their skills to work bidding against each other for beautiful auction baskets and items, all donated from cup tennis teams, golf groups and local small business owners.

The event’s support was a club-wide, with a member personally donating Philosphy brand luxury care products for every attendee, KSG&CC golf and tennis professionals were commended for donating lessons and prizes to help bolster the event’s success, while the club’s food and beverage department provided the local non-profit leaders complimentary tickets.


“Fierce” bidding competition between (L-R) Missy Nolan, Angela Huberty and Cynthia DeVito

Making a Difference Day founder and 2015 Chair, Pattie Diggin says, “This year’s event was an overwhelming success, it’s our best year yet…We are all so very fortunate to belong to such a wonderful club with so many great people. I think it is so inspirational to gather together and give thanks for our blessings by giving to others.”

During the luncheon, guests listened to moving testimonies about various community outreach programs, like the Pop-Up-Lending-Library (PULL) campaign.  PULL targets impoverished children, ages 0-5, to have books of their own through a network of brightly colored ‘help yourself to a book’ stations.  These stations are placed strategically in high-profile locations where families gather to provide kids, who may not be able to afford buying them, books of their own.

The PULL program’s goal is to help lessen the gap between literacy deficiencies seen in impoverished communities versus advantages seen by those in more affluent neighboring towns.  KSG&CC member, Tammy Hynes, enthusiastically suggested to the audience that the ladies’ locker room house a PULL book donation bin, and idea that was overwhelmingly embraced by the women in attendance.

Presenters also spent great time discussing the importance of children knowing their self-worth at an early age; citing statistics that place nearly 40% of impoverished youth, at some point, ending up in juvenile detention centers.  Jan Michner, Founder, AHHAH says “We are trying to stop the school to prison pipeline…youth need to be seen for their assets and not where they have been…through our programs we embrace and teach that our arms are for hugging, not hitting.”


Just one of the many “PULL” boxes serving children in need of books.

The thriving Wings for Success charity empowers women in need to pursue employment and economic security through apparel, advice, and advocacy.  Volunteers and staff work tirelessly to provide free work appropriate clothing, career counseling and to build a woman’s confidence so that she may enter an interview situation well prepared and positioned for success.  With sites in Frazier, and most recently, Kennett Square, ‘Wings’ has helped meet the needs of thousands of women throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware to find employment and take their first steps toward economic security.

For more information about Kennett Square Golf and Country Club, or to support AHAHH and Wings for Success, please visit their respective websites:  ksgcc.com, artsholdinghandsandhearts.com, wings for success.org.





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