Letter: New group needed if there is to be new Kennett library

To The Editor,

Letters1The Kennett Public Library hired Mcintyre Associates to conduct a campaign planning feasibility study for their proposed new library. The KPL essentially provided 23 carefully crafted questions for which they sought answers. They provided Mcintyre Associates with a list of 98 individuals to be interviewed, but only 41 (40.2%) chose to participate. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT RESULT FOR THE STUDY. I have read the entire study as released by the library board that included significant redactions.

Mcintyre Associates conducted the study and concluded;

(1) There was not a positive outlook for individual financial support at this time;

(2) Few individuals would provide major support as long as current leadership remained in place;

(3) $6 million dollars are not available for a capital campaign at this time.

The Bayard Taylor Memorial Library has been in a slow decline for over half a century. Two decades ago when the library identified the need for a new facility, the decline has drastically increased. I do not believe the current library board is capable of providing new facilities to our communities.

I would propose that a new committee free from the library board be established to plan and provide a new facility in Kennett Square with adequate parking. This committee would be composed of individuals from the true service area of the Kennett Public Library probably appointed by their respective Board of Supervisors. This committee would conduct open public meetings probably monthly around the true service area to allow for public input. Minutes would be made available to the public.

With this approach 1 believe our communities could have new, expandable public library in three to four years.

Bruce B. Yelton,


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