E. Marlborough police chief to retire

Concerns voiced about cell tower’s flashing red lights

By Karen Cresta, Correspondent, The Times

EastMarlboroughPDEAST MARLBOROUGH – The Board of Supervisor’s meeting on Monday night was preempted by the announcement that Gerald Davis, the township’s Chief of Police, was retiring after 40 years of service.

Davis was the first Chief of Police for the township police department.  Prior to this appointment, he served as a law enforcement officer in other agencies in Southern Chester County.

“He served this township faithfully and selflessly since the department was established and for over 40 years he has been a dedicated public servant in this community and we’re grateful for his dedication, his caring, and his integrity,” Supervisors Chairman Cuyler Walker stated.

On behalf of the entire board, Cuyler added, “We wish him nothing but the best in his retirement.”

Walker’s announcement was no surprise since Davis informed the board last year that he would be retiring in 2015.  His retirement was a major reason a new trailer for the temporary police headquarters was kept at the township building site despite his suggestion on a new location.

In May 2014, Davis suggested that the board relocate the site for the headquarters to a location near the new park in the village of Unionville. In September 2014, and after the announcement that Davis would be retiring, it seemed that Lieutenant Robert Clarke – who would remain on the police force – wanted the site for the headquarters to remain too – on the site with the other township personnel.

The motion presented in September to put the new and bigger trailer on the current site of the township building passed 3-2 in favor (Eddie Caudill, John Sarro and Richard Hannum were in favor – overturning the previous unanimous decision to move the site as Davis suggested. (Caudill was not present during the original vote in May.)

One of the reasons for a new trailer was that the old one did not have a bathroom.  In addition to the delivery and set up costs of approximately $7,600 and the yearly lease in the amount of $7,200, a few unforeseen monthly bills regarding the new trailer needed approval from the board on Monday night.

During the review of the monthly bills report, Supervisor Robert Weer questioned the cost of a hefty plumbing bill in the amount of $2,800.  Township Manager Jane Laslo indicated that the bill was for a burst pipe that caused damage to the trailer.  The $2,800 bill was for the cost of the pipe, toilet and flooring replacement. In addition, a separate bill for $495 was for a hot water heater replacement.

Dennis Mellinger, the township’s Roadmaster, informed the board that the trailer wasn’t getting water and the heat tape that wrapped the pipes didn’t work because the first cold spell in January still froze the pipes which caused them to burst.

Mellinger also confirmed that another bill will be submitted for four more loads of salt delivered earlier on Monday.

On the agenda was a complaint by a resident, Mike Majeski, about a flashing red light that was affixed atop the AT&T cell tower recently due to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements for air traffic.  The bright red light is visible at eye level inside his Rosedale Road residence based on the elevation where his home and the tower are located. It is also visible from Route 1 near the Longwood Fire Company and Orchard Valley housing development.

“The light is a burden on our property and the neighbors,” Majeski announced.  “It’s something you can’t avoid seeing. It’s just there all the time. It’s quite a nuisance.”

Majeski also said that in his opinion it is a distraction to motorist and the Kennett Township Board of Supervisors and Kennett police are aware of the issues as well.

Walker indicated that the township does not want the light there either and would like to find a way to prohibit it but it wouldn’t be helpful to attempt to exercise authority over the FAA.  He told Majeski he was open to ways to exercise more authority within the scope of the board and would continue to work on it with Solicitor Frone Crawford, Kennett Township, and the tenant of the cell tower.

“At this point, our best prospect is to try to work cooperatively with the tenant of the tower and encourage them to figure out some sort of relief.  I don’t know if they can get rid of the light but maybe they could shield it. Our solicitor has been working actively with their attorney,” Walker added.

“We are open for suggestions,” Walker concluded.

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    As a tax payer of East Marlborough Township can we take a good look at the qualifications of the next Chief and what it is exactly that they do, and how they spend their time ?(our tax dollars)

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