Kennett Middle School locked down over rifle round

Students kept in classrooms Wed. as police investigate

By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times

KMSNEW GARDEN — Kennett Middle School was placed in a “soft” lock down Wednesday after a live rifle round was found in a classroom.

Township police said that the round was discovered Tuesday evening in a sixth grade classroom by the school’s janitorial service. 

Police were called to the school the next morning and the building was placed on a “soft” lockdown — students were kept in classrooms for their first period class, and students were required to put their backpacks in the hallway. The lockdown continued through at least fourth period, as police and search dogs combed the school looking for additional ammunition, and more information about the single round found in the classroom.

Police interviewed the teacher as well as the students in the sixth grade classroom who sat near where the rifle round was discovered. After completion of the interviews, police said they think it is “highly probable the object arrived in the room accidentally by a person who may not been aware of the transference,” according to a police statement issued Thursday.

Police also said they do not think that this incident is related to the ongoing issue with bomb scares in district schools.

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