156th District Q&A: Sandra Snyder

This is the third of a series of question and answer interviews focusing on candidates for State Representative. The Times did not edit, alter or in any way change the responses. We do this to give the candidates a chance for an unfiltered opportunity to make their case to our readers. As always, we welcome your input.

1.  Why are you running?


Sandra Snyder

I am running because as a mother of three young children I am very disgusted at the current state of our education system.  I want there to be programs available to all students, and none should have to “pay to play” in our public school system.  I truly believe that education is paramount, and that a good education is the main foundation upon which to help our children grow.  A great education will help them to pursue better jobs, and be more productive members of society.

2.  Our community is looking to elect you as a leader;  what would you want our readership and voters to know about how you demonstrate leadership?  

I lead by example. I treat others with respect and try to demonstrate that to others.  I have successfully led many local organizations as well as helped my local township by being a very active leader on many East Goshen Township related boards and committees.  I have always been in leadership roles from my time at Penn State where I was a leader on my campus Student Government, to my leadership roles at Widener University School of Law.  I will be proud to serve as the Representative to an area where I was born and that holds a very close place in my heart.
3. Please provide an example of a tough decision you’ve had to make.  Why was it tough?  

I feel I make tough decisions on a daily basis.  Anyone raising kids, working full time, and juggling a household can tell you that tough decisions are made everyday.  The ability to balance your daily life with the obligations of community and work are very daunting.  However I choose to volunteer on multiple community organizations as well as charitable organizations because I want to give back.  I want to consistently improve the quality of life for my family and for my neighbors.  I feel that giving back to a community is a key component to that lifestyle.  And sure it means hectic days and busy evenings, but to me its worth it, especially when I see first hand the appreciation among our residents when we work to improve their lives. 
4. What make you uniquely qualified to deal with the diverse personalities, priorities and perspectives that you will find in the PA Legislature?  

I have always been a person who can relate to those around me.  I believe that most people want to be heard, and that when we have a more diversified group of individuals we can better represent ourselves as a whole.  I think having an open door policy is key.  You have to allow constitutes and organizations to come and bring their problems to you.  I mean ideally that is what a State Representative should be, a problem solver.  I deal with all types of people in my line of work as an attorney and I always need to help people reach resolutions that work for both sides, this will be very similar when dealing with the legislature.  We need to work together, gridlock in government hurts only the people it is supposed to represent. 

5. Why should voters vote for you?  

Voters should vote for me because they are looking for a person who can address the needs of our local community.  Someone who will build strong schools, protect our environment, and who will stand up for our local area, and not be pushed around by politics.  I am running because I truly believe that one person can make a difference, and I want to make my community a better place to raise my family.
6. Is there anything else you’d like to make sure our readership and voters know about you?  

I just would tell people how absolutely critical it is to vote.  It truly is a right that we have in this country that should not be taken lightly.  People need to come out on Tuesday November 4th and vote.  Nothing should stop them, I have a full time job and three little kids, when I need to, I take my kids to the polls with me!  I think its a great educational experience for them to see their parents voting.  Every vote is critical in an election and everyone’s vote matters.

7. How should voters and our readership reach you if they have questions, or would like to get involved?  

Anyone who would like to reach me can call me anytime at 484-883-3431 that is my cell phone and I answer it.  I want voters to know that I am accessible and I care about their concerns, because they are my concerns too.  Also you can reach me anytime via email at Sandra@SandraSnyderForPAHouse.com.  Anyone who would like more information about the campaign and to see a full list of our wonderful endorsements can visit our website at www.SandraSnyderForPAHouse.com


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