Letter: Ross should not be on 158th ballot

To The Editor:

Letters1I am writing out of concern for developments in the campaign for the 158th Legislative District of the State Legislature and in support of Susan Rzucidlo. While I find the circumstances regarding the Cuyler Walker matter sad and disturbing, the underlying facts leading to his withdrawal from the election are not here up for discussion.

However, it is exceedingly disturbing that the Republicans have twisted those events so that, well after the statutory deadline, Candidate Ross will be listed on the ballot. The process does not pass the “smell test”. It is clearly the efforts of the Republican establishment to manipulate the system by filling the void left by Cuyler Walker at the last moment through political intrigue. This is not the opportunity of the electorate to choose, but rather the manipulation of the process.

Equally as disturbing is why Chris Ross is in this race. He gave notice long ago that he was retiring from this office. Now he’s back. Where is his heart in this matter? Is he just a place-holder for those manipulating Republicans, with his heart and foot already out of the door, or did he really change his mind? If he changed his mind, what induced him to do so? What does that suggest about his commitment to the citizens of the 158th District? I suggest that the “smell test” clearly shows that politics as usual is alive and well in the 158th Legislative District.

Vote for clean government and fresh air; vote for Susan Rzucidlo.

Thank you.

Scudder G. Stevens

Kennett Township

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  1. Ellen Good says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Chris Ross on the ballot. The fact that he came out of “retirement” is of no consequence. Democrats do it all the time.

    Susan is a left wing radical, just the kind we do NOT need in Harrisburg.
    Voting for someone like Susan is voting for more taxes especially on we seniors.

  2. Jamie says:

    Great letter, Scudder. From everything I see, Susan Rzucidlo is the kind of moderate, fiscal conservative we need in Harrisburg…and it would send a great message to politics as usual to vote her in.

  3. Kathleen Albright says:

    How can anyone vote for someone who has come out of retirement? Ross then announced his retirement again. I also think the Chester County Republican party should have the voter’s interest at heart not big part politics.

  4. Tilly says:

    Just heard that the R party is looking for Ross replacement..set for summer 2015 when he will resign. Considering all that has happened this summer, how can we trust Ross’ word on this?

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