Letter: Let independents vote in primaries

To The Editor,

Letters1The legislature should amend Pennsylvania law to permit all registered voters the ability to vote in our Primary elections.  This way individuals who are registered as a member of any party would have an early say in who will represent them and their needs in government. Changing current law may be the way to free ourselves from the iron fisted partisan politics that have caused gridlock in Harrisburg and Washington.

We have all suffered from the unwillingness and inability of many partisan legislators to compromise and work together.  By permitting Independents and others to vote in Primary elections, candidates will need to be more in tune with the needs and desires of the people of their community. Allowing all registered voters a voice in primary elections may be the solution that so many are looking for, maybe then we could have legislators who will work together instead of working to stop the other side.

Susan Rzucidlo

New Garden

Candidate, 158th State House District

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