Detour traffic plagues Pocopson residents

Traffic continues to cut through narrow roads as short cut to Rt. 52 roundabout detour

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, The Times


Despite signs making it clear that Pocopson’s Denton Hollow Road is not the designated detour route for traffic going from Rt. 926 to Rt. 52, motorists continue to use the narrow roadway through a township neighborhood as a shortcut, concerning local residents.

POCOPSON — Residents living along Denton Hollow Road continue to search for ways to reduce traffic along the narrow, winding roadway and told officials during the recent Township Supervisors meeting that they expect to see results.

Supervisors Chair, Ricki Stumpo read from a statement that the Public Works Department is taking action to maintain resident’s and driver’s safety due to increased traffic on township roadways due to the roundabout construction that has closed Route 52 until mid-September.

Stumpo said calls are pouring in from those living along Denton Hollow, Locust Grove, Parkersville and Corrine roads. She said she called the state police and asked them to maintain a presence in the township to monitor and ticket speeding traffic and “they said they would help.”

Stumpo said the township has ordered a portable, speed monitor and will place guardrails along the shoulder of a steep portion of roadway along Denton Hollow Road.

Denton Hollow resident Sarah Mims told the supervisors she is appreciative of what the township is doing but pressed for an answer to a question posed by residents at the past several meetings asking for the roadway to be converted to a one-way street.

Resident Chris Conaway told officials that speeding is not an issue, “its volume and its going to get worse” referring to the future replacement of the 926 bridge over the Brandywine. Conaway said the Township needs a long-term solution and asked if officials would pursue a one-way option if a majority of the residents living along or near Denton Hollow signed a petition.

Stumpo said officials would discuss the matter with the township solicitor.

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  1. Pat DeBow says:

    Rickie Stumpo and the other supers should stop caving in to the criers who do not like the added traffic. The supers should try to remember they represent all the pocopson residents and not just the poor people who are upset by the added cars that go down their street. I use Denton Hollow every day and I never see anyone walking down that road, so stop crying.

  2. Sean says:

    I sincerely appreciate the concerns of those who live along Denton Hollow Road, and I know that everyone greatly appreciates what Chairwoman Stumpo is doing to enhance the safety along this quiet township roadway. Unfortunately, a township may not limit a street to local traffic only, or make it a one way street just because the residents do not want non – residents increasing the traffic in their neighborhood. Years ago the township made the last block of Haines Mill Road by Red Lion Road a one way street; however, since there was no traffic study done. It is still unenforceable today as a one way street.

    In order to make any changes, Pendot requires a traffic study to be conducted to add a stop sign, make a street one way, or every raise or lower the speed limit. If the traffic study reveals that certain warrants (requirements) are met, then it is possible to implement the desired changes. I worked in a traffic unit for many years and I am quite familiar with conducting traffic studies. What I find to be nothing less than insane is to shut down the main access from Kennett to West Chester for almost a year, just to install a roundabout. This has to be one of the worst ideas I have ever seen in local government. The icing on the cake is that somewhere in this “deal”, we get to pick up the electric bill forever on a project that was done on a state highway. Fortunately, Chairwoman Stumpo had the intestinal fortitude to vote against this lunacy when it came up for a vote. However, all of our pockets will be a little bit lighter because of another waste in government spending. I may only hope that this nonsense comes to an end sooner rather than later, and the folks on Denton Hollow Road may go back to living on a quiet country road.

  3. Kelli Siehl says:

    Supervisors at the last meeting said all work is proceeding as scheduled and the roundabout should be open by Mid-September.

  4. Laz says:

    I think that changing Denton Hollow to one-way is a great idea, but will the residents be able to agree on North- or South-bound?

    People trust their GPS more than the signs (which could be more useful), so keep driving on 52. Google Maps had the closure set correctly for a while, but recently restored 52, so people will continue to drive all the way to Red Bridge or Parkerville.

  5. Pocopson Resident says:

    I agree, it is a public road, and all of our tax $$’s go to build and maintain the roads. Just because more traffic is on the road, doesn’t make it justifiable to make it a one way road because a few want it that way. The fact that more traffic is on it, shows that there is a need for that road to be there, especially now with the closing of Rt 52. I have been using that road almost everyday for 14 years, going both directions. I am sure I have spent just as much money on that road as anyone that lives on Denton Hollow has. I agree guard rails would be a good thing. I am surprised every time I drive on it, that it doesn’t have them. We all need to work together with these roads being closed, it wont be forever, although to some of us, it will seem like it.

  6. Dan says:

    A good followup to this story would be one on the status of the roundabout. Are they on – ahead – or behind schedule? What does it look like?? At least it is supposed to end in September, the bridge will seem like a liketime!!

  7. D says:

    It is a public road, unfortunately they should have to deal with it just like everyone else in Pocopson living off of route 52. Where I live there is tons more traffic, people use our development for a u turn.

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